Best of the Best?! You Decide! E17 of the League Crawler Podcast

League Crawler Podcast – E17 feat Best of the Best

Good morning everyone! After a week where we settled the “why does Matt let Moe do the podcast” debate, we’re back to normal with Moe at the helm doing his thing and what a great show! We were able to score some time with “Gold” from Best of the Best, a Madden league that features some of the best players from various Madden CFM leagues all in one “Super League” where the best players are competing with each other!

I treat my people like customers – you pay the $15, you’re going to get a good experience.

– Gold from BOTB
Goldmember | Red leather jacket, Leather, Gold everything
Persons in the image may or may not represent gold in color only

One of the things I like about this podcast is getting a chance to hear Moe talk to commissioners of leagues, community leader, etc because if you didn’t already know it, there’s a LOT of work that goes into these leagues. I love what Gold said about giving his people a good experience and treating them like customers. We heard a lot of the same stuff from guys like Nate, Soden, etc that – if you really want to run a quality league, it’s more than just playing games. It’s an investment – of time, money, patience but also it’s a willingness to put your members/owners first. Gold is a very level headed guy and you can hear it in his voice on the podcast. He’s also a very positive guy and I love that.

As we do – we tend to look forward to what’s next. Moe asked Gold what he wants for M22 and one thing he mentioned was for CFM – it simply can’t be a rinse and repeat. That’s a low bar for the game and I think that’s no surprise. We have all seen the frustration that comes from the direction CFM has gone but again, I love Gold’s positivity about it and the game.

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