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League Crawler Podcast – E16 Feat Moestradamis

What do I say here that I haven’t said already about Week 16’s podcast guest, Moestradamis? If you’re reading this post, you might know him best from the League Crawler Podcast – he is the host of the show and he does a fantastic job. For this weeks’ episode, we decided to take some time to talk to the man himself, as suggested by our good friend Shawn Soden (episode 13 – click here). He was on our discord (click here to join if you haven’t already) and suggested we get Moe on the program at some point to give him a chance to introduce himself! I was the lucky person that got to do the questioning and Moe and I spent almost an hour and a half talking shop about Madden, the podcast, how he got started in the community, his thoughts on League Crawler and of course his love for Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals.

When I started writing notes for the episode, I wrote down things like, “How did you get started”, “Best part of running a league”, type of stuff. As most of you know, Moe is the commish of SPA and also helps run/leads a league called Pros vs Schmoes that features regular players and a bunch of current NFL players and pro eSports players as well. Moe is very well respected in the community for his ability to lead these leagues successfully, fairly and filled with the most important part – fun! As I was putting together my notes though – I obviously kept thinking about the podcast and had the question, why now? The other question would be – Why Moe? I’d love to tell you I had some crystal ball that led me to scour the community and find Moe but the truth is – it’s the other way around.

See – Moe is a good dude, period. Moe is a fan of the community and helping where he can. He’s also an inquisitive guy that wants to learn and talk to people. The opportunity for Moe to do a podcast under the League Crawler umbrella and help us reach the community is as much that as it is Moe’s big heart doing a really cool thing to help give voice to members of the community. What a blessing it was to get to know Moe a few months ago when we were really getting started on the idea and honestly – I would love to be able to say I had anything to do with Moe’s success but that would not be true. Moe is a great talent, a natural speaker and a gifted podcaster. We’re very blessed to have him at the helm of this thing and helping us in this area!

This guy is all over the place! You can find his links here!

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