Who is 40Lohh? Find Out on E15 of the League Crawler Podcast!

40Lohh & The Maddenverse

There are a lot of really cool people that continue to make their way into the Madden community. Let me re-phrase – there are not a lot of really cool people, there are a lot of people period. The “really cool” ones are the gems in the community and I think you’re going to enjoy hearing from Week 15’s guest, known as 40Lohh.

One thing you’ll quickly notice about 40Lohh is that he’s full of energy and a very positive guy. He’s a relatively recent convert to the Madden community and has already become a staple in many places including League Crawler as well as several places he runs and manages himself. If you have already heard of him, it’s probably from the Maddenverse which is a website/recruiting site and Discord server that he runs. 40Lohh also runs a server called Madden Franchise mode.

So – what is the Maddenverse?

I won’t spoil what 40Lohh will share in the episode, but in a nutshell, it is a place for Madden gamers to come and hang out, share their stuff and recruit. You might wonder why at League Crawler we would want to promote another site/server/service that does a lot of what we do – I’ll say it this way, a rising tide raises all ships. I’m always excited to meet and work with people in the community that also understand that concept and 40Lohh is a great example of it so, I’ve been very happy to cross promote our stuff.

Music to soothe the savage gamer

40Lohh is also the brains behind a service that you’ll see in our Discord server as well as several others – a radio station that is always on that plays a loop of content for whomever wants to tune in. On the Madden Franchise and Maddenverse channels, there’s a regular radio channel with music but there is another channel he has set up to loop pocasts. I think the plan is to grab episodes from many different podcasts in the community but for now, our very own podcast is getting played in many places thanks to 40Lohh, including our own server.

A community resource

As I said earlier, 40Lohh is easy to work with and always thinking of other people. I know that because we’ve never had a writer on the site until 40Lohh sent QueenHumble our way. He reached out to me one day and said he knew of someone looking for a home to write for and *poof* QueenHumble was on the team. That’s great for us to be able to have someone writing original content for the site but and hopefully awesome for the community as they enjoy the content he’s creating. Furthermore, it’s great for Queen himself because as you network (40 to me to Queen) I was able to point him in the direction of SGO – Sports Gamers Online (who we did a podcast with – you can listen here) and Queen is now writing for them too! Really exciting to see such a talented guy getting noticed and getting work and it’s largely thanks to 40Lohh getting the ball rolling. A rising tide lifts all ships!

Big thanks to 40Lohh and all the guys out there in the community that are making a difference and giving their time and talents to the community. I know he has big plans and ideas for the future so, stay tuned for more!

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