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Episode 31 - Live with CG!

Episode 31 of League Crawler Live! featured Live with CG!  If you’ve never heard of CG, you’re really missing out and frankly, if you don’t know him today – just wait, you will.  CG is a content creator in the gaming community that does live broadcasts for Madden, UFC, 2K and more.  if he looks young – that’s because he is.  But that’s not the only thing he is.  What else is he?  Polished.  Professional.  Smart.  And very, very confident.  I really enjoyed listening to Moe and CG talk and get to know him on the show because sometimes, you get to meet a guy that impresses you so much that you know they are going to be a big time player for years to come.

Live with CG - TONS of great content!

On the show, Moe and CG talk a lot about what CG is into – which isn’t just broadcasting/commentating video games.  CG is also a WEALTH of knowledge when it comes to the NBA, NFL and more.  He’s regularly putting out content on his YouTube channel with predictions, his podcast and tons of analysis.  Honestly, when you listen to our show and you hear him get into his analysis of the NFL’s week one games, he sounds like a 20 year broadcasting professional and NOT a 17 year old kid.  Here’s a quick sample of the content he has on his YouTube channel.

Where Can You Find CG?

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