Winuvas and Nate talk NHL depth vs Madden


Wow – what a fun night listening to Nate from OMFL and Winuvas talk about some OMFL news but also the difference between NHL and Madden.  Winuvas took a good portion of the show to talk about the depth of the NHL game – ALSO PRODUCED BY EA – and just the sheer amount of depth in the game compared to Madden.  Did you know that there are 25 individual sliders for just checking?  Nate and Winuvas talk about how, if some of this stuff made its way into Madden, what a different game it would become.  Crazy how the same company can make games that include franchise modes but could be worlds apart when it comes to the depth in the game.

There should be more crossover of ideas.  Period.  Here’s hoping Madden 22 gets there.

Bonus – Nate was wearing a super cool, retro League Crawler shirt on the episode.

Check out the episode below and be sure to subscribe to Nate and Winuvas’ channels on youtube!

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