Three Tips to Improve Your League

What’s up CFM Community? This is Bomber, founder and commissioner of the Madden Bomber League, and I am going to give you 3 quick tips that could help you start a successful CFM league, or help you grow your current league.



It is important to create expectations for your league right from the start. Expectations do not just start and end with the overall growth of your league, but actually can be used to create guidelines that league members must follow and maintain while participating in your CFM league.



Administration staff to a higher standard. THAT IS RIGHT A HIGHER STANDARD! The admin team must be people that are trust worthy without a past of hidden agendas and selfish behavior. There can be no signs of collusion, breaking rules, or any kind of foul play that could be considered detrimental towards the integrity of your league. Any admin that is receiving gameplay complaints, or breaking any league rules should be punished at MAX penalty, and an apology should ALWAYS be given to the league to show the transparency of the situation. Many leagues fail to police up their staff, and this creates distrust and further prohibits potential for growth. ALL admins must pledge to put the league above their own personal teams gain. Any admin that is not putting the league ahead of their own team’s ambitions should be removed from the admin team. In the MBL, admins receive no special privileges, and are held to a higher standard than the rest of the league. Remember, as a part of the admin team you are the face of the league.



The morale of the league is a fragile thing that you must try to control to the best of your ability. Create expectations for all league members to maintain a positive level of In order for your league to gain the loyalty of its members you must hold the The morale of the league is a fragile thing that you must try to control to the best sportsmanship. A bad attitude can ruin a league fast, it is important to weed out all league members that cannot maintain an attitude that is positive towards the community. For example, when a player who is winning the majority of his games throws a huge fit in the chat every time he loses, this player should be put on a final warning. Imagine how the league member who is struggling to get 4 to 5 wins each season feels when an owner who wins that much blows up on the league over one or two losses. You need league members who respect the community enough to put egos aside, these members are often the ones who will put their time into the league and contribute to helping your league grow when the time comes. In the MBL we require members to follow the rules, maintain a positive attitude, actively tweet from their team twitter accounts, and schedule games within the first 24 hours after an advance.



In order for any league to grow you must be consistent. I advise all leagues who start on projects, or begin adding new features to the league to make sure that these additions are things that you can maintain. Many people look at the MBL and see the podcasts, twitter, MBL Live! Play by play broadcasts, and all the other features we offer and believe that it happened over night. Well it definitely did not. My advice to all leagues is to establish your league first, develop your community, and gain the loyalty with your members by being consistent with how you enforce your rules, how you advance the league, and how you handle situations and issues. Create rules and standards that allow you to be consistent with NO EXCEPTIONS! NO MATTER WHAT! Rules should be the rules for everyone, this mindset is respected by the type of owners you want to attract to your league. The MBL did not have podcasts, or any relative media content during our first 4 seasons. Do not rush into anything too quickly that could turn into an overwhelming situation, where there is too much on any one shoulder and can essentially ruin the experience. One thing I have seen constantly in the CFM community is a new league that comes out and promises a million things that honestly they do not have the member base to successfully accomplish, and it almost always leads to the failure of these ideas.



Many leagues struggle with maintaining an efficient level of member activity. While media is definitely a way to generate activity and stimulate production from league members, MBL uses a less complex method to generate member activity. As you might already know we run a ton of MBL Promotions throughout the year, primarily during the real NFL Offseason, for our members. Anything from NCAA March Madness brackets, NBA Playoff Brackets, NFL Draft predictions to live drawings all with cool cheap prizes to keep our community active since we play Madden August to August with no breaks. We also use a team selection sheet to generate donations, and increase league activity. The way this works is the team selection list basically is ordered based upon your contributions to the league. The team selection order determines what pick you have within the league to select your team for the next madden. The league members of the MBL really have fell in love with this idea, and have responded by contributing many things from cash prizes to authentic football memorabilia for giveaways along with giving their time to the league. Currently at this time we have all of our members contributing to the league consistently and being that it is April is truly creates a unique experience.


I hope this list helps you out, please follow the MBL on twitter @BomberLeague and subscribe to our MBL Network at feel free to shoot us a tweet we are always looking to help the #CFMMovement Community. Also a big thanks to League Crawler for giving us the platform to write these articles.

-Bomber [Founder & Commish of the MBL]