Soden Bowl Game Broadcast Brings the WOW!

Dang Gina!

Apparently it only takes one quarter of action to be totally and I mean TOTALLY impressed by the Soden Bowl live stream. In one quarter of action, I watched Soden and Snypz call and produce a game that was the best I’ve ever seen.

It starts with tempered broadcasting from Soden and Snypz, fun, upbeat, excited in the right moments but not over the top like some streams.

What I was really impressed with was, they don’t just do overlays, they create pertinent, immersive content that’s tied to the game being played.  Check out the screenshots below and you’ll see at one point they pulled in an Aaron Rodgers overlay with his current stats.  Later on,as the game progressed and the Rams scored, you’d see a Touchdown graphic on the screen.  Later on, they pulled in a graphic showing the head to head stats for the players in the game.

And to top it off, they zeroed in on Michael Thomas and then showed a replay of him from an earlier week’s game.

Simply outstanding stuff from Soden Bowl. THIS kind of content is why I love leagues and started this site.