Soden Bowl 104 – One For The Ages

Wow. That’s all I have to say (well, not really… There’s more).  I got a chance to tune into Super Bowl 104 from Soden Bowl and dang it didn’t disappoint. If you didn’t already know, Soden Bowl is a premier Madden CFM that is known for longevity, immersion and their incredible live streams.

During the game, which featured an epic comeback by the Saints almost to their win… Also had drama in the form of a flukey punt that potentially cost the Saints the game. Expertly called by S Soden himself and the always on point Snypz, the game was one for the ages.

Along the way, SBN filled in the gaps that the game itself should be doing, thus creating an on-screen presence that really makes you feel like you’re watching an NFL game. Take a look at the screens before and you’ll see stuff I captured during the game. Depth charts with X Factor status, matchups, stats and more.  The one of Michael Thomas is particularly interesting because SBN captured that image directly from a Hail Mary play in the NFC Championship game.

SBN was kind enough to let me peek a bit behind the curtain at what it takes to make it happen.  You can see all the objects and overlays it takes to make a game stream as great as Soden Bowl SB 104.

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