October 2017 League of the Month – BOTDS!!

Good evening everyone!  We’re in full swing with Madden 18 now which always means a few things – people are angry, people are defensive and people are already making their wish lists for Madden 19.  It also means the Browns are already out of playoff contention so if you’re a Cleveland guy (I’m not) then there’s always better luck in next year!  Anyway, for October 2017’s League Crawler League of the Month I decided to feature a league that keeps popping up all over Twitter with their activity.  Please join me in congratulating BOTDS as our League of the Month!  These guys seem to be firing on all cylinders and just recently completed a really sweet upgrade of their Daddy Leagues site that makes their league seem like something you’d see on ESPN.com or something.  Really high level of quality here. 

One of the things that struck me while reading through the responses to my questions was their reluctance initially to switch to Twitter for league communication.  I know there are many leagues that use a lot of tools for communication – text, groupme, discord, slack, email, snail mail, raven (GoT reference) and so many others.  Personally I think there is so much to gain by using Twitter so I was interested in hearing about BOTDS’ process in switching over to using Twitter.  There’s a lot of great stuff in this article from their Commish so I hope everyone enjoys reading!  Also, be sure to check out their website if you’re using Daddy Leagues and hit them up if you want a good referral to their guy that did all the work.  As you’ll see, he’s top notch. 

About Section

How long has have you guys been around?  What made you decide to start your own league?

We’ve been around since Madden 15, so I’d say 3 calendar years. I wasn’t here at the start, however being in another league and loving the presentation and hating the rules is what made me want to take BoTdS to the next level.

How many other leagues have you been a part of?  What is the one thing you’ve learned from those experiences?

I’ve only been a part of one other league (NEFL). I learned that presentation matters and twitter can take your league to the next level. The head commish (jazzyjeff) was super cool and he helped me set everything up within 20 minutes. He had an awesome energy and they have a great league and I learned that if you have a great core group of guys who share a similar vision, you will have a great league.

What was the most difficult thing in getting the ball rolling with your league?  How long did it take to fill the league?  Approximately how many total owners have you been through since your league started through now? 

We were a league who used texts to communicate with each other. We had a iphone group and a droid group. This was conspicuously problematic because if a guy in the iphone group had a player on the block, the droid guys would have no idea. Furthermore, when people texted in the group it would send my phone notifications even if I wasn’t involved in the conversation, which became increasingly annoying. Hence, I made the move to make us a twitter only league. Initially I received a ton of pushback because our previous commish tried to make BoTdS a twitter league, but was unsuccessful in the upkeep of the twitter timeline. So to answer your question, the most difficult thing in getting the league rolling was having everyone create their twitter accounts. Since we’ve moved to twitter we haven’t had an issue filling the league but I wasn’t here at the conception of the league, so I can’t speak on the time it took to fill. I will say the creator of BoTdS is a really cool guy PSN: Dresif and I’m sure it took him no time to get everyone together as most of our guys know each other in some way other than madden. I’d say we’ve had approximately 75-80 total owners since we started.

Tell me a funny story about something that happened in your league.

A funny story….One of our guys loves to “go live” on twitter via periscope and he was calling out the owner he was supposed to play later that evening, while doing his normal shenanigans on his periscope….well he proceeded to get whooped by about 50 that game and it was pretty funny and all involved got a pretty good laugh about it.

What is your favorite part of running a league?  Least favorite part?

My favorite part of running a league is the camaraderie that you get with 31 other guys. We have a really diverse group of young professionals who go to work during the day/night and play madden in their off time. Our guys are constantly on twitter and daddyleague and seeing them get joy out of a new sportscenter graphic we came up with, or feature for daddyleague is what makes it all worthwhile.

My least favorite part is when you have negative people in the league who attempt to change the overall energy of the league and timeline. There’s nothing wrong with having a dissenting opinion if it’s voiced with respect. However, when there’s an owner/s who is super negative always and tries to galvanize people into his corner, it can make my job a lot less fun. I don’t want to write stories for that team, promote their games, or do any other cool things we otherwise would have done if the owner wasn’t a douche.

What tools do you use to recruit for your league?  Have any been more helpful than others? 

LEAGUE CRAWLER, LEAGUE CRAWLER and twitter or word of mouth. Honestly whenever we’ve posted that we need an owner on league crawler or on twitter, we’ve had some really great results.

How many people are on your team?  What are their roles?  Have you always been the commish?

I have 3 other commissioners, three other guys who aren’t commissioners, but help out with a trade committee (that way other owners can’t blame commishes for their trade denial) and position changes.

Commish A) Field any issues from owners, promote all games that are played and post power rankings to blog site.

Commish B) Field any issues from owners, responsible for all write ups from power rankings to division/team breakdowns.

Commish C) Field any issues from owners, Maintain close communication with trade committee, make sure an owner is aware of the rule they broke and their subsequent penalty for doing so, Sports Illustrated covers (given to the best pic of the week).

Myself D) Field any issues from owners, commishes and trade committee, make sure twitter timeline has informative and interesting posts, maintain twitter timeline aesthetics, daddyleague maintenance, and a ton of other things that I don’t want to bore your readers with.

I haven’t always been the commish, however my willingness to be proactive and vision for the future is what drove me to be the commish of BoTdS. Not to mention psn: Cique_ was super cool and willing to relinquish some of his power to allow my bull headed self to implement a bunch of things which have taken us to another level. A great leader knows when to lead and when to sit back and allow someone else to do so, and Cique_ is one of those leaders (He is my Lead Co-commish).

What is the thing your league does best? 

I’d say our league is best at catering to a young to middle age professional. We don’t micromanage, however we aren’t the wild wild west. We are best at understanding our owner demographic and giving them what they want; a hyperactive football experience that matches realism with fantasy. We haven’t had podcasts or tv shows as our demographic may not have the time to really sit down and listen/watch those things.

What are one or two things that your league is doing that people may not know about?

We are always looking for ways to get better. We’ve taken the great tool that recap wizard has provided and matched it with some amazing images from our owners and made some cool sportscenter graphics. We also just upgraded our Daddyleague website thanks to Vic Garza.

What’s next for you guys?

Well the next step in this cfm journey is 2k. We will be starting an NBA league this month and are excited to see how that will play out. It’s a bit different from madden so there will be a myriad of new challenges in being a commish for a basketball league but we’re excited to see how that goes. As far as madden, our next step is to continue to improve every aspect of our league.

Mini Madden 18 review time!

What do you like about the game so far?

I like the realism. It’s not as easy to throw for 300 yards as it used to be. Guys can’t just throw the ball up and get 400 yards for the game.

What have you found disappointing?

I’m disappointed that the user interface is the same we’ve had for the past 3 madden titles.

I’m disappointed in the lack of depth in cfm and it’s entire presentation.

What one realistic change do you think EA could make to make CFM better?

I think an open world team facility with available upgrades (hot tubs for Player recovery, enhanced film rooms for training xp). Instead of loading into the current screen we have now for cfm, you would load into your team facility’s foyer. It would start off barren just like your coach, but as you win and meet goals you’d gain madden currency and be able spend it on facility upgrades. Now if a user didn’t want to earn his team facility’s upgrades, he could always purchase them thru the psn store. Most guys don’t like micro transactions but if we want people to work on a game year round, we can’t expect them to do that for $60. That won’t even keep your phone on for 2 months. So with the option there, EA would have the ability to make money from cfm IF a user chose to go that route. Other cool things they could add into the facility are guys with low confidence would walk around the facilities with their heads down etc; when you walk out to the practice field it triggers practice mode, possibly even have draft day in your facility. The possibilities are endless, the dev team just needs to have an innovative vision.

We’ve had the same cut scenes for years. Give us what we see on Sunday.

Pre-game warmups would be a nice addition. The user would be able to choose which position group we want to give a boost to and we can do 5 practice plays with them. 5/5 would get you max xp possible, ⅘ would yield less xp, ⅗ would be even less…etc. It would be a realistic addition and also add depth to the franchise mode.

The ability to suspend players by a commish.

Face scan availability for coaches. Most of us use custom head coaches anyway. Wouldn’t it be cool to scan your face? NBA live has the technology and madden had it years ago. This shouldn’t be too hard to include.

 We’re a quarter way through the NFL season – who is your team and what are their chances of winning?

I’m a die hard Patriots fan. #GoPats. I think our chances of winning are slim, but if we can figure out what our personality is on offense and defense, we will be right there at the end! And as a fan, that’s all you can ask for.

User Spotlight

Who are the top three members of your league?

This is difficult. The top three players based on skill, I’d say are:

chef_boiii_MD28 – 5 titles

Jonestwrdrums – 2 titles

sgtnunes100 – 2 titles.

Our top three guys who participate on twitter:



Judgedredd (with all the stuff he does behind the scenes)

Any final comments?  

I’d just like to shout out everyone who’s playing madden and making the community better by spreading positivity and innovative ideas. This has been a tough year for madden devs and madden fans. Many people don’t like the gameplay, while others hate the lack of depth in cfm, but if we can keep throwing ideas at this dev team or the one that succeeds them, something will stick. I’d like to thank all of the commissioners who help make my league a great one and I’d like to thank all of the guys in my league who I didn’t mention earlier, but contribute daily to make our community more fun. Keep up the great work League Crawler aka Matty spice. You’ve embodied the innovativeness that furthers this madden community. Everyone isn’t an EA “game changer” but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have the ability to have a profound affect on the community. You have done that. Lastly, I’d like to commend the work done by all commissioners in all leagues. It takes a lot to shoulder 31 other voices and to try to please them all simultaneously. Don’t try to be the best cfm based off other cfm’s, be the best cfm for your users. That is what will take your league to the next level. Also thanks to Vic Garza for the daddyleague update. Ok. We out!