NBA 2K15 Online League News

I love feature reveals and for my money, does the best job at getting and releasing news about games that gamers actually care about. If you aren’t reading, I highly suggest you do so. This article from his site came recently and in it he highlights some of the features about NBA2K15’s Online League features. I know some of our gamers here at League Crawler have or play in either an NBA or MLB league as well, so it’s nice to see some details for the upcoming NBA2K title. I admit, I’ve never played in a NBA league so some of this stuff is very new, but coming from being a Madden commish, I have to say, a lot of it sounds really cool. Here’s a excerpt/snapshot from

Online Leagues will now allow for adjustable season length, number of teams (including CPU controlled teams), difficulty levels, quarter length, and number of games in the playoff series and NBA Finals. Remember leagues are just a single season – unlike Online Franchise there is no draft, free agency, player progression/regression and so on. The ability to import a custom roster to start with in a league remains and hopefully it works this year because it didn’t in 2K14 as there is no Fantasy Draft option. Commissioners can also reset the results of games.

Reading through that here are my thoughts (again, never playing in a NBA league before): 1. I like the way the mode works together. For me, I see no CFM style system as a bit of a negative since one of the coolest parts of being in a league is trading pieces and drafting. Lots of guys love the off-season and all the activity that happens in it. That said, being able to adjust the number of games in a season works to the advantage of this mode – with no draft or off-season, it makes sense to try to get to the end of the season sooner than later because you could allow guys to re-draft teams instead. That would create some of the parity that the NFL off-season creates. I wonder if this is already happening in NBA leagues? 2. My favorite part of the mode (obviously) is the ability to reset the results of games. If you’ve ever read my comments on this site, you’ll know I’m a big supporter of the idea that commissioners need the ability to sim to a specific result and reset games. I’ll point out that MLB The Show AND now NBA2K15 have this feature. Time for Madden to get with the program, stop claiming the number one requested feature is crap no one cares about and give commissioners this feature. 3. Number of teams – including CPU controlled teams is pretty cool I think. One of the frustrations of being a commissioner is finding guys to fill your league (hence the reason League Crawler is here. Being able to set a smaller number of teams to, say 10, and the number of games played to, say 20, could create some intense rivalries in the league between teams that only play each other a game or two. If you made the last place team pick a new team first the following season, it would be interesting to see what the best players could do with the lower rated teams. All in all, I think NBA2K15 sounds great. I have only ever played My Career for NBA2K14 and have really enjoyed it. I admit that I’m probably jaded since I’ve been entrenched so deeply in Madden for the last twenty years, so playing a 2K game has been a great breath of fresh air. It’s not perfect, but I think a lot of it is very well thought out and does a good job giving gamers what they want instead of what EA tells them they want. Click here to read the rest of the article from – What do you guys think?