March 2017 League of the Month – BGA!

Happy March everyone!  With March Madness underway and a lot of brackets already busted, I thought this month would be a great month to feature an NBA2K league for league of the month!  Madden is what League Crawler is heaviest in, but we want to make sure everyone knows that we support every sports gaming league out there and as you’ll find out in this article, there are some really good things going on in the NBA2K world!  I recently met Hector from BGA through Twitter and knew right away that he was a good fit for our monthly feature article.  This guy is the real deal.  Prompt, smart and focused on his league and brand.  They’ve been around since 2013 so you know these guys are doing something right!  They run miltiple leagues and formats on both Xbox1 and PS4 as well as tournaments.  What is really exciting about 2K basketball these days is the announcment that the game is teaming up with the real NBA to create E-teams where guys that do the create a player/career feature can join and compete in.  That adds a whole new level to how NBA2K leagues do things and what they are reaching for.  If you don’t already follow #2Kcrewfinder on Twitter, check it out.  There are tons of guys grinding their players in the game looking for a spot on a Pro-Am team and BGA is right in the middle of it.  I am really glad we were able to feature an NBA league on League Crawler for the first time and very proud of BGA for all they are doing for their guys and wish them all the best!  For more on BGA, Hector and his team, check out the Q&A below.

  1. How long has have you guys been around?  What made you decide to start BGA?

BGA was established in 2013 as an official NBA 2K League. It all started when me and a couple friends started competing against each other. More friends and people continue to join us and I decide to make it look and sound more official. We create a Facebook Group to kind of have a better structure and that was the begginig of BGA. Our original name was NBA 2K Pro League which we changed to BGA (Basketball Gaming Association) to have our on identity and build our brand. I decided to create BGA because there is a lack of leagues that are focused on the latino/hispanics gamers. This market has been our target since day one the hispanic latino gamers.

  1. League Crawler is primarily known for Madden CFM leagues.  What are the major differences between you and a typical career mode in Madden?

NBA 2K has a career mode where you can create a player and grind to become a 99 Overall player. This player our members create it the character they will use on our Pro Am League and our My Park League. Some members would create different “My Players” to be able find the correct position/archetype that suits their desired gameplay. In NBA 2K you will have to decide not only the looks on your player but also you have to choose height, weight, player archetype (it would depend on player position). Each decision you make when creating your My Player is very important. Making your player max height and low weight could benefit the speed of the player but it would affect the strenght and power of the player.

Our members spend a lot of time on that we call “The Lab” trying to figure out the best combination of archetype, height and weight to create the best player possible.Creating a my player is a lot of fun but also requires a lot of commitment since to become a 99 Overall you will have to spend a lof of my time on the court grinding for badges and to unlock attributes block which allow you to get higher overall rating. NBA 2K also features a storyline for our my players. You start as a top highschool prospect that will have to decide what college to go. You will play 4 college game and then play for Team USA right before the draft. All this games matter because they determine your draft stock. Once you get drafted that is were the journey starts to become a Superstar in the NBA, Pro Am and My park modes as well.

  1. What leagues, teams or groups were you  part of before starting BGA?

I’ve been playing NBA 2K since probably 2k12 never really started thinking about leagues until 2k13 when I decided to have a little tournament with a couple of friends just to have fun. Now we currently have more than 1,000 members we run tournaments and leagues in both PS4 and Xbox One. 

  1. How do you recruit new players?

We used our social media platforms a lot to try to get new players. But most of our new player find us because someone recommended us to them. We are 100% committed to provide the best gaming experience to our members and that is why everyday we get anywhere from 5-10 new members every day on both PS4 and Xbox platforms.

  1. Is there a process for moving players up or down a ladder based on skill level?

We are currently establishing a rating system for our leagues. The concept is still in the works but we plan to have a way to rank players on different areas of the game.

  1. How has the announcement by the NBA of a Pro-Am league impacted what you guys are doing?

A lot of our guys are excited about this. I believe that some of our members could have a real chance on making one of the E-teams. We BGA we support our members that would tryout for a roster spot.

  1. How many people are on the BGA leadership team and what are their roles?

We have a great admin team and without them we could have not accomplish everything we have done so far.  It all start with Commissioner/Founder Hector Gonzalez (PS4: hector596 X1: almighty2321)


Our My League Online Staff for each console


Panchito (buitre_killer)

JL (Goyex_)

chino (Chynoni)

Frank (franko-_-25)

Giova (GiovAndrE)

Fifo (FiFo0o_3)

Xbox One





Pro Am Admin Team


Panchito (buitre_killer)





Xbox One





  1. What is something about you and BGA that people might not know about?

Not a lot of people now but I have serving in the Military for 8 years and from being in the military I have established that dicipline and values that now are implemented in my vision of what I want BGA to be. 

  1. What is the one thing BGA does best?

We are always innovating. We always try to change things up with new league and tournament styles, rewards for our members and always making sure we provide the best gaming experience possible.

  1. What’s next for you guys?

Right now we have just started both two My League online in PS4 and Xbox One. Our Pro Am League is currently in Pre-Season for Season 4. We will be introducing two new leagues styles in the next couple months to expand our service catalog even more. Also we are about to release our BGA Shop for our members.

  1. What is the best part about running BGA?  The worst part?

The best part of running BGA is when I see that all the effort and all the work behing of the scenes is appreciated by our members. Without our members we would not be were we are today and when they send me a message saying hey this league is the best one I’ve ever been or I love the new look of the website really makes everything be worthed.  The worst part I think was finding commited players at the begginig. We have had a couple of season that were not good at the begginig but as we started growing things started to be easier.

What other games do you play?

I play Madden, Call of Duty, MLB The Show, FIFA but NBA 2K is my game. Tell me a funny story about something that’s happened in BGA.  Well there are two stories. First one was when one our members wife got mad at me because her husband was spending a lot of time playing video games.

User Spotlight

Who are the top members of your league?

BGA Legends League Champion Luis Alvelo! (PSN:Democrata1234)

4 times back to back Champion Panchito (buitre_killer)

We want to congratulate BGA Pro Am Season 4 Champions Team Superiority!

Also would like to give a shout out to our up and coming Pro Am Teams

Cupcake Brothers

Most Hated Dragons

Punisher Basketball

Renegades Basketball

I also want to take time and say thank you to every single member of our Community. Without you all this would not be possible!

Any final comments?

From a small group of friends to what we have become my passion for this vision would not stop until we accomplish what our goal. I will continue to work hard for our member to make sure they have best and most innovated gaming experience. I will continue to put the latino gaming community on the Map! 


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