March 2015 – League of the Month – NEFL

After a few months off due to work, League Crawler is back with another League of the Month! If you’re looking for a great PS4 league to join, either for Madden 15 or beyond, give these guys a look. They make excellent use of their user forum, have been around for 10 seasons – did you catch that? TEN SEASONS. They also make great use of twitter for league communication with _NEFL monikers for all their teams. They even have draft news on a Todd McShay NEFL twitter handle. Their innovative use of Twitter to keep their members engaged is pretty cool. I’ve followed many of their handles for a while now and even though I’m not in theor league, I find all their activity interesting. They are currently in the off-season of year 10 and still going strong which is no easy feat. I recommend them and wish the guys at NEFL the best going forward. I asked commissioner DJazzyJefff23 to comment on some league related things. Here’s what he had to say: 1. How long have you been a Madden player?

I have been around Madden since I was a young child, but I would say I became a serious Madden player when Madden 2003 came out.

2. How many leagues have you been in prior or in addition to your league?

Prior to the NEFL, my first serious league had to be FML (Fanatics Madden League) in M12-M13 on PS3. I also spent time in Rebel’s Alliance for PS3 on Madden 25.

3. What made you decide to start your league?

That’s a great question. I decided to start the NEFL after searching through many leagues that seemed to focus more on making rules just to have them, rather than being there for a purpose. FML in its prime was really one of the best leagues I’ve seen, and there I really got to see how a league should be run.

4. How many seasons/Madden iterations has your league been active?

The NEFL started with Madden 25 on PS4. We are currently in the offseason of our 10th season.

5. What has been the best part of running a league?

The best part of running the NEFL, by far, is the friendships that are molded over time. It’s one thing to have a bunch of guys playing Madden, but probably the most validating part of running a league is seeing guys become good friends outside of Madden.

6. What has been the worst/hardest part about running a league?

Another easy question. That would be replacing owners. When you want to run a successful league, you can’t invite just anyone. There has to be a process, and this is something that definitely separates the good leagues from the great ones. Therefore, a large amount of time has to be spent not only admitting members and showing them the ropes, but hitting various avenues to advertise the league to prospective members.

7. What would you say your league does better than any other league or what is it that makes your league one people should check out instead of another?

Activity, attention to detail, and extra little things we do here. I always said when I started the NEFL that it would be pointless for me to run just another solid league. I do what I do in order to be the best, and that’s it.

8. If you could implement one change in CFM or Madden in general, from a league standpoint, what would it be?

Wow, are you sure I can’t list them? Probably my biggest gripe about CFM is the amount of control, or lack thereof, a commissioner has on the console. This includes things such as having the ability to re-add players that a disgruntled member may have cut before leaving, or assigning a win to a team that was up big late in the game when his or her opponent quit or disconnected.

9. Where do you see league play in sports games going in the future? More MUT style? A return to online franchise? Building on CFM more?

Unfortunately, I can’t say that I see there being monumental changes to CFM. The simple reason is because CFM isn’t making money like MUT is. Ultimate Team is the money cow for Madden, and therefore more resources and time are going to be put into that as opposed to CFM.

10. Where do you see your league in the future? Add additional leagues? Grow into another sport, like NBA2K? Stay the course and just get better at what you do?

We’ve kicked around the idea of expanding, either cross-platform or to other sports. We’ve also had an NEFL2 at one point. What I’ve learned along the way is that when quantity goes up, quality goes down. It’s just extremely hard to find others that share the same vision or perhaps desire that you do.

11. If you had to pick out 3 or 4 of the best owners you’ve ever had in your league, who would you pick and why?

Oh man, you saved the best for last. Let’s go with a Top 4, in no order. Austin_Bercier – This guy has been with me since the NEFL started, and to this day remains the only other Day 1 member here. He’s been a mature owner from the start, and has been as dependable as anyone to get his games in. He’s an active member on both Twitter and our forums, and he goes about things in the right way. All around class act. jumpcarter – Carter joined us at the beginning of Madden 15, and has been a great owner from the start. He’s been proactive in wanting to improve the league, and has shown leadership qualities that leagues need. He recently stepped up and became President of our NEFLPA, which serves as a medium between the owners and staff in the NEFL. RTedd0408 – RTedd was actually a find from when we had the NEFL2 running, and I brought him up to NEFL1 on a whim. Ironically enough, a few of our best members were once in our NEFL2 league. Tedd has taken the initiative to pitch league ideas, help new owners and is one of the more active members on Twitter. I could definitely see Tedd or Carter running a league of their own one day. sprint42 – Sprint has been a very polarizing figure in the NEFL. Some guys liked him, many hated him. The reason he is here is because he shows and proves how much he loves this league and wants to see it be great. While he has shown he can be a loose cannon, there’s no doubt that he genuinely wants to not only improve the league, but improve himself as an owner, and shows this often.

Here’s how to get in touch with the NEFL: Commissioner – DJazzyJefff23 Twitter – @nefl15So that’s it for March 2015’s League of the Month! Sorry it’s been so long but I hope if you’re looking for a league you’ll check out NEFL on PS4!