Madden Commish Tool Wish List #2 – SIM to Result

Hey guys – my second edition of Madden commissioners we need, I’m taking on the subject of simmed games. I know I and a ton of other commissioners have been screaming for this for a long time but the reality is, this is sorely lacking from the game and is needed badly to help leagues run smoothly. I can’t understand why things like “reset cap penalty” and “see how many times a game has been started” are features that take precedence over Sim to Result. The only way I understand that is from the angle that, none of the developers actually run a league and don’t know what commissioners put up with. The bottom line is, leagues are full of all kinds of players. Some are fantastic – they are active, play their games and play them fairly. Other guys are cheats from day one. (Side note – this is the reason League Crawler exists by the way) It wouldn’t be a big deal if you could guarantee that guys are all playing by the same set of rules, but the fact is – some guys come in and simply will not comply. The problem is, it’s not in a vacuum – the bad play of one guy can affect another guy’s whole season. This isn’t MLB where you have 100+ games to play and can make it up. The real damage is caused when a cheat makes trouble for one of the league’s good guys. The ones that leagues covet. There is nothing worse than a guy leaving a league because he lost a game that was played unfairly against him. I’ve been proposing two things for years – Sim to Result and Reset Game. These two would work best in conjunction with each other but I’d settle for either one of them.

Sim to Result – One of the things you have to navigate as a commissioner is the schedules of your league’s members. Some leagues have guys whose ages range from 16-45. That age difference means a huge difference in priorities and schedule obligations. In my opinion, it’s not fair to say no 16 year olds are allowed in a league because of scheduling or maturity. It has been my experience that teenagers can be just as mature or more so than older people and vice versa. I’ve had a lot of older guys come in and be destructive as much as any younger person. In fact, one guy that joined my league (or almost did) got booted before he could actually accept the invite because he was so stupid. Anyway, Sim to Result is more about scheduling than it is gameplay. In any league, you have a certain amount of time to schedule and play your game for that week. As a commissioner, you have to babysit a lot and one of the things that comes up is one guy has been trying to play and another guy hasn’t. In those clear cases, you set one guy on auto pilot and let the guy who has been trying play the CPU. The sticky situations come when, say you have a 4 day window to schedule and play a game and one guy is available on the first two days and the other guy is available on the last two. In those cases and in others (i.e. a guy tries to play, but bad weather happens and requires a re-schedule on a day where one guy can’t play, etc) the game must be simmed. In a case where both parties simply can’t make it happen – let the CPU sim it fairly and be done with it. In a case where, the first guy that’s only available the first two days, spends those days trying to play his opponent and doesn’t hear back until the third day, it’s not his fault and he shouldn’t get the loss. Either way, he can’t play it and the game has to be simmed. I can’t tell you how bad a blow it is to a league member that has tried to play his game, reached out and been patient – ends up not being able to play the game – has the game simmed and his opponent gets the win. THAT CRUSHES PEOPLE. In some cases, it causes people to look elsewhere to play. The solution is simple. Let the commissioner decide who wins a SIM game when it’s applicable. Not only is it a way to make sure the guys that are active get the benefit for doing their part, but it allows the commissioner the power to actually enforce rules.

Reset Game– This one is one that I don’t know how leagues survive without. Without rehashing the above, the point is, there are extreme cases where a game simply needs to be reset so the guys can re-play it. You may have a guy join and he cheats the whole game and knocks a guy that plays fairly out of the playoffs. In an instance where maybe the league has a waiting list for new members, you could kick the cheater out and bring the new guy in and let him play that game. Most guys don’t want to play the CPU (that’s why they join a league) but want their games to be played under the same set of rules. Instead of a guy missing the playoffs or retaining a loss on their record because they had the misfortune of playing a jerk, let the commissioner reset their game to be played again. That would solve another HUGE set of issues. Stay tuned to League Crawler for more articles on Commissioner Features Madden needs!