Ok, so this is old news but, League Crawler is just finally crawling it’s way back to life after a major site crash and re-build/re-design. Hopefully this will be better and serve the community’s needs better as we gear up for another Madden release soon. So – again, his is old news but it is news. From the EA website under New Broadcast Elements:

A refined drop-down system will provide consistent updates on player performances. These additions help provide context to games in Connected Franchise mode, making them feel like a living, breathing season. Pregame and halftime banners tie together events from the season, including new Playoff Chase and Divisional Standings banners.… And from Bleacher Report regarding the new Gauntlet Mode:

BM: Do these modes play a role in Connected Franchise, or online play? DD: Skills Trainer is integrated into Connected Franchise. The player also has an opportunity to earn Ultimate Team rewards inside the mode by earning all bronze medals in a Skills Trainer category. BM: Creating a player whose attributes were determined by the outcome in Skills Trainer exercises would be awesome. Does that exist in Madden 15, or has it been discussed for future versions? DD: In Connected Franchise, players can partake in Skills Trainer tutorials and drills in a weekly practice session we call Game Prep. The user can choose which players they want to enter into a Game Prep session. Based on the success of the tutorial/drill in Game Prep, it will earn their player XP to help boost their attributes.…

Those two bullet points aside, I haven’t really seen anything happening in the CFM world for Madden 15. If you read websites like and others, the general sentiment seems to be that EA has backed off their marketing a lot this release. I imagine it might have something to do with their consistency in not delivering the features/modes/enhancements that people want and instead shoving stuff down gamer’s throats that bullet point the back of a box. I can speak for me and the other Madden gamers I know when I say most people just want the game to evolve instead of hop around from feature to feature every year. Just figure out what you do best and make it better every year. Start there and then add the stuff people want. Then, if you’re bored – add stuff you think people will like that’s new. It’s pretty simple. So – what about these two “new” features? Well, I guess we’ll see how they play out. As a commissioner of a Madden League, when I look for CFM news, I’m looking for features that help me run a league. Presentation and a new Gauntlet mode do nothing from that perspective so for me, they’re just chatter. On a personal side, more integrated presentation features will be cool and I know a lot of players liked the old mini games so I think in general, Gauntlet will be something enjoy. What do you guys think?