Live Commentary / Live Stream Tutorial

Hey guys, with league content becoming ever more popular and robust – video, streaming and live commentary have become more and more important to leagues looking to make a name for themselves.  The are a lot of great leagues out there that have dedicated resources to creating a network for their league that’s filled with highlight reels, hype videos and live content.  That said, it can be challenging for leagues to figure out the best ways to get started with this and our friends at Madden SIM Revolution (MSR) have put together a nice tutorial on how they do what they do to help out new leagues.  This article and video comes from Andrew Linhart who is the Network Director for MSR.


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With the ever growing popularity of youtube, twitch, and mixer streaming; being able to broadcast your league’s games has become more and more popular amongst the top leagues. I’m sure you’ve seen these broadcasts before. A league will broadcast a game and add their own custom commentary over it. It makes for a much more interactive and personal experience for the viewers. Some leagues out there have went so far as to add custom overlays, transitions, music, and extra graphics to go along with their broadcasts to really bump up the experience. My name is Andrew Linhart, and I’m one of the original founders of the Madden Sim Revolution (MSR). I’m going to give you a quick overview on how to go about broadcasting your games and give you all the tools you need to get started.

Before we get too far into the process I think it is important to make sure you have the man power to do this task. It takes a handful of dedicated people to pull this off consistently and consistency is one key to success. Don’t try doing too much too fast. The first thing you need to do is download OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). There are other tools you can use to do this such as xsplit, wirecast, FFsplit, etc. OBS is free and will give you all the tools you need to get started. It’s also important to note that I prefer to use OBS while in studio mode. To me, Studio Mode allows much more flexibility and lessens the need for so many hotkeys. (streamlabs OBS is a newer OBS program that is also free and worth checking out)

First up is the basic tutorial to get you started. Scroll down for part two which includes the advanced tutorial that adds overlays, graphics and lots of additional flare to your broadcasts!


Here’s part two:


Big thanks to all of our friends over at MSR for these tutorials!

– Matt @leaguecrawler