League of the Month/Year Criteria

Hi guys – recently I have been asked by many League Crawler members how to be “League of the Month”.  I usually reply that it’s not super scientific because it’s not.  That said, there are certain things I tend to look for when trying to find a trending league to spotlight.  Before I get into what I look for, let it be known that I take marginal stock in this whole process and while if it was my league being recognized by this site I do not think it “makes” anything or is more important than it is.  My goal with this site is to connect good leagues with good players.  League of the Month is an extension of that and is meant to highlight the cool things legit leagues are doing and give them a chance to extend that to some of their members as well.  I hope in the future as this site gains popularity and influence that the award will mean even more than it does now but until then, it’s my way of saying from one former commish to you – nice work and keep it up.  A rising tide raises all ships.

So, what do I look for while searching for a league to highlight on League Crawler as League of the Month?  Here’s what I could think of when trying to put a name to it (not necessarily in order):

League of the Month

League Profile on League Crawler

10+ Ratings on League Crawler
10+ Comments on League Crawler
Twitter Profile/Use of Twitter
Youtube Channel/Use of YouTube
Following on Twitter?
Is the League Full?
Cool League Features
League Website
Daddy Leagues Site
Wating List
How Active on League Crawler?
Event Participation
League of the Year
Going a step further, we also name a League of the Year (currently held by the immensely popular MBL).  The criteria I’m looking for for the 2017 League of the Year is all the above plus the following:
Prior League of the Month
Activity on LC
Participation and advancement of LC Agenda and vision
Activity from Commish and members
LC User Rating integration into league
Event Participation – Tournaments, etc
So there you have it.  If you have any questions, let me know and until then, keep being awesome!!
Matt @leaguecrawler