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Here at League Crawler, we are dedicated to providing gamers the ability to rate each other and any league they are currently or ever been a part of. Our goal is to help each Madde, NBA2K, MLB The Show, etc player have the ability to have their voice heard and then use the collection of opinions and ratings to help leagues and gamers make better decisions who they choose to spend their time playing with. That said, we at League Crawler are always searching through our roster of leagues for the best of the best and put a well deserved spotlight on them for why they are so great. For our first League of the Month, we looked closely at over 31 league profiles on League Crawler and chose the one that had the most votes, an overall 9.5 score and plenty of good comments from League Crawler members. MOF Football on PS4 for Madden 15 is September 2014’s League of the Month. One of the things that struck me about MOF was something that plenty of leagues want, some really strive for and only a few actually achieve – longevity. I ran my Madden league for 7 seasons consecutively and thought we did very well considering most leagues run a few weeks and then fizzle out. MOF has been going for a staggering 30 SEASONS all the way back to Madden 2003 on PS2. That, my friends, is incredible and I tip my hat to Jeff, the MOF Commissioner. Jeff’s been around since the beginning and has developed his own full featured website – complete with articles, power rankings and a feature exclusive to his own league – League Central. League Central is MOF’s own version of CFM. That’s right – they don’t even use CFM at all. For some of you, that’s a major turnoff and for some, it’s a refreshing change. For example, MOF’s League Central gets a lot of things right. Similar to the old League Daddy days, you pick a team and join as that team and have several weeks open at a time. That means you’re not stuck waiting for just one or two games from one week, you could play your team’s first four weeks in two days if your opponents were able to play. Don’t get me wrong, I like CFM because of the draft, free agency and everything else – but MOF’s way of doing business is unique and pretty awesome. If you’re hung up on the idea of not being able to participate in the features of CFM, remember that MOF has been around since 2002 (12 years) for a reason. In selection MOF as League Crawler’s first league of the Month, I sat down for a few minutes with Jeff, MOF’s long running commissioner to offer a little more insight about his league and what makes it so great:

1. How long have you been a Madden player?

Since the initial release of John Madden football in 1990 for Sega Genesis. I was 9 years old and I distinctly remember the green cover, the giant cartridge, and the music of the game. Since that moment i was hooked. So if you’re asking total number of years, the answer all of them!

2. How many leagues have you been in prior or in addition to your league?

I started the MOF when Madden first went online. However, I’ve been in a few other leagues like the PTML, HCML, and some other small ones. The amount of time I put into the MOF, there really wasn’t any time for any other league, there still isn’t.

3. What made you decide to start your league? Or, if you took over for someone else, how did your league get started and how did you become involved?

Madden 2003 was the first initial game that allowed online capabilities. I remember when the game was released, my friend Dan (LHU27) and I were avid Madden players, we’d spend every weekend hanging out sometimes with other buddies, just playing madden. Then we’d start to go online and play people online, and we saw that alot of these guys would cheat to win, alot of people going for it 4th and 30, or just taking advantage of AI issues. So we talked about how cool it would be if we could play in an online organized league, with rules, and that’s how the MOF started in September of 2002.

4. How many seasons/Madden iterations has your league been active?

We have had 29 seasons, and have used every single Madden since 2003. PS2, (we’ve tried XBox 360), PS3, and now we are exclusively on PS4. We try to have at least 3 seasons per edition of Madden. Lately we’ve been having 4 or 5 because of the demand to play through the summer.

5. What has been the best part of running a league?

The best part of running a successful league is the feeling you get when you bring people that have similar interests together. There’s nothing better than helping to give someone a release from everyday life. Everyone works, everyone has bills, or has school, etc. It’s nice to have a hobby, and it’s nice to turn your mind off a few hours a week, and let loose. The MOF has been that exact thing for me and many others over the years. It’s not supposed to feel like a job, it’s supposed to feel like a hobby. We have a bunch of guys, median age about 30, that just love football and video games.

6. What has been the worst/hardest part about running a league?

I’d say the worst and hardest part about running a league is trying to weed through the guys who take advantage of the games flaws. Generally our core is very solid, but every season you have some turnover and need to bring in some new guys. We have a system now that’s very good. We screen each join form we get. We screen them with a staff member, and they scrimmage the new joinee. They also stream/broadcast the try out and then we either accept them into the league or we do not. This generally has worked very well, but once in a while people do slip through the cracks and it’s not easy having to throw someone out of a league when everyone is just looking to have a good time.

7. What would you say your league does better than any other league or what is it that makes your league one people should check out instead of another?

The MOF beats to its own drum. We are “old school”. We are from the days of League Daddy, and BCFM (Before Connected Franchise Mode). We don’t ask people to ONLY play in the MOF. We are aware that this is a new age, that people want to build a team, draft players, it’s fun, we understand that. The way the MOF is ran, you will be happy. We have a great group of guys, a solid but not overwhelming set of rules, and a ton of features. We have a very rich history, Records, Coach Records, a nice Hall of Fame. We even pass around a stanley cup style trophy to the winner with their name engraved into it. We use a 3rd party software for our stats, and standings, called League Central, which is just like league daddy. Like i said, i know people love the new Connected Franchise Mode, but check us out! You won’t be disappointed: http://mofleagues.com/columns/mof_cfm.htm

8. If you could implement one change in CFM or Madden in general, from a league standpoint, what would it be?

CFM needs alot of work in my opinion. There needs to be an option to choose how many games per set you can play before you advance. The biggest complaint i have is waiting for 1 person to finish a game before you advance. Or advancing every 48 hours and having to sim 5 or 6 games. That’s no fun either. So what i propose is having an option when you set up your CFM. “Games per Set” with an option of 1, 2, 3, or 4. Meaning you can play up to 4 games before you advance, you can play Week 4 before Week 2, etc. Of course this will minimize the progression to only 4 times per season, instead of 16, but it’s an option. Also an option to reset played games. So if someone cheats a win, or a sim goes wrong, disconnection, anything. An option to reset a game before you advance, is crucial. Suspension system. If a coach does something wrong, or forgets to do a requirement, give us an option to suspend a player for a game, i think that would be fun. Those are just a few things i would love to change on CFM. The game in general is good, but there are always a few bugs that need to be addressed, like outside running was dominant last season, the AI just needs to be as smart as the user, and that will never happen, but we’re getting closer.

9. Where do you see your league in the future? Add additional leagues? Grow into another sport, like NBA2K? Stay the course and just get better at what you do?

I really do believe I have a knack for running a league. I even ran an in-town softball league for 5 years. I would love to branch out in to different games. MLB The Show, NBA, NHL, Fifa, WWE 2k ( i have some great ideas for WWE 2k by the way). I think we can make the MOF a standard place for offline leagues that are organized. Of course Madden is and always be #1 in my heart, and improving the site and league is always my priority over creating other leagues.

10. If you had to pick out 3 or 4 of the best owners you’ve ever had in your league, who would you pick and why?

– #1 would be Pauly2110. He’s been with me virtually since day 1. We chat almost every day on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger for the noobies). He bleeds MOF, and we’ve been through alot over the past 12 years. – #2 would be Stormdownburst. He’s been with me for 15 seasons, one of the most active coaches ive ever seen. We chat everyday on AIM, and we keep the league very active. He’s great with every single thing the MOF requires you to do. – #3 Latinyank77478. He’s probably the most dedicated coach ive ever had in the MOF. He’d do all the dirty work for us. Scrimmage new coaches, promote the league, and get us new guys all the time. He works hard for us, and it’s much appreciated!

Any final thoughts?

The MOF’s main goal is to provide a place where madden and football lovers can rejoice, play organized, sim style football in a beautiful league that has a ton of features. We’re not only just a league, we’re a hobby, and we’re a family. We have a relaxed set of sim rules i’d say. Nothing too crazy, but we ask everyone to keep it sim. That’s our motto when it comes to our rulebook. If you don’t see it on Sundays, dont bring it to the MOF. Like I mentioned above, we’re not a CFM league. So at the beginning of each season, we draft for the teams that we play with that season. The Super Bowl champion has the option to keep his team, then we randomize the order. We open games on Wednesdays or Thursdays, and we usually open 2 or 3 games. Those games are due 11-12 days later on the following Sunday. We communicate VIA AIM, and Text. Our AIM blast group is active, very active.

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