League of the Month – October 2014 – SGO

When League Crawler first launched back in March 2014, we had a lot of leagues check us out and come on board pretty quickly. SGO was one of the first and was actually featured in our League of the Week feature, back when I though that was viable – grin. Since re-launching, it seemed we could do a better job of featuring leagues the right way by doing a League of the Month feature and really spend time looking for the best of the best out there and featuring them. With that, I’m proud to feature SGO as October’s League of the Month! If you take some time to get to know SGO, you’ll actually find we could name this feature, Leagues of the Month because SGO is more of a network of great leagues instead of just one league. In the Madden league I used to run, some of the guys would occasionally suggest I create another league to run with it – which was crazy because of how much work it is to get guys to fill one league and run it every day. That said, check out what SGO is doing – they have a network of several leagues from several games – Madden, NBA2K and MLB The Show – all running under the same umbrella and leadership. They have dedicated commissioners for each league but they run in conjunction with SGO’s framework. Really, really, really cool stuff! If you take the time to check out their website, you’ll find out pretty quickly that SGO is the real deal. The site is beautiful, well thought out and has TONS of content. SGO reminds me of an early Operation Sports. They not only provide the framework for their leagues to meet and operate, they also post expert tips on play styles and strategies that are posted to their youtube channel as well. It’s a great place to not only play in a league but develop your skills as well. I recognized SGO early on as a league that is looking to be one of the best and several months later, here they are with a site re-design that rivals anyone’s and are still operating some of the best Madden leagues out there (not to mention some of the best and only NBA and MLB leagues as well). I asked the brass (SGO Thermal) at SGO to talk a little more about what SGO does and how it conducts it’s business. Here’s what they had to say:

1. How long have you been a Madden player?

I have been playing madden since Madden 93, so for over 20 years believe it or not.

2. How many leagues have you been in prior or in addition to your league?

Too many to count. My 1st league was the BFL out of Atlanta, GA where we played all of our games in person once a week on leagues nights. This was before online gaming even launched on the consoles! After that I played competitively on the MWS (Madden World Syndicate) tournament circle and in various money leagues. Getting older I began to appreciate a more sim style of gameplay gravitating to sim leagues found on various sites such as reddit, madden school, operation sports.

3. What made you decide to start your league?

I felt there was a demand for a site focused on sim gameplay for various sports and shooters that also provided news and tips for their favorite games and sports.

4. How many seasons/Madden iterations has your league been active?

The site has been up officially for 6 months but we have been running Madden and 2k leagues for a couple years now.

5. What has been the best part of running a league?

Seeing everything come together. There is still much work to do but it’s slowly gone from simply a vision or idea and growing into something much greater. There are still many good things to come from SGO.

6. What has been the worst/hardest part about running a league?

For myself the site work has been the toughest part. I never realized how much work goes into building a website and fostering a quality community. As far as the leagues it has not been hard at all as we have a great team of admins who run the leagues and work very well together.

7. What would you say your league does better than any other league or what is it that makes your league one people should check out instead of another?

Currently some of our key features are still in development but eventually no other site will offer the combination of leagues, news, chat and streaming that SGO does.

8. If you could implement one change in CFM or Madden in general, from a league standpoint, what would it be?

EA has done a great job with CFM, despite their stumbles this year no other game has come close to nailing down the online league aspect like EA has. They only need to stay on their current course and continue to expand and improve CFM.

9. Where do you see your league in the future? Add additional leagues? Grow into another sport, like NBA2K? Stay the course and just get better at what you do?

Just continue to grow and give back to our community as much as we can, which is why we offer free tips and tactics for all members. The more competitive and enjoyable we can make our leagues the better. We currently feature 6 Madden leagues, 2 NBA2k leagues, FIFA Clubs, MLB The Show as well as an active Destiny Clan (SGO Elite) so we are always looking to unite gamers and help them improve.

10. If you had to pick out 3 or 4 of the best owners you’ve ever had in your league, who would you pick and why?

All the guys who eventually became apart of the admin team were all really good owners. Bilo-man, Eman, JB, Chrebet, all great owners who became great commishes and admins. Many of our current owners all do a great job of communicating with each other and staying active.

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So there you have it – League Crawler’s October League of the Month! Be sure to check them out and if you’re looking for a league, check with them to see if there are any openings! – Matt @leaguecrawler