League Crawler is BACK!

Hey everyone, League Crawler is BACK!

We had an pretty major site malfunction over the past few months that required a complete site re-build. We were offline for a while and took the opportunity to upgrade and redesign a few features to make the site easier to use and more helpful to the community. On the left side of the page, you’ll find the newest submitted leagues. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the top 15 rated Gamertags and PSNIDs. On the right side of the page, you’ll find some of the most recent content – comments, forum topics, etc.

For those of you that are new to League Crawler – here’s how to use the site:

– News, Opinion and Information – The home page will have links to blog posts about Madden, MLB The Show, NBA2K news, features and anything related to their franchise and league features. We will also do a league of the month (formerly league of the week) where we will feature a new league every month.

– Rate ANY PSNID, Gamertag or League – This is the purpose of League Crawler. Everyone that’s ever played anyone online has run into different kinds of players. There are great, fair, sim, nice, courteous players and there are absolute jerks. The problem with playing online is, how do you know if who you are playing is worth your time? More importantly, if you are wanting to join a league, how do you know if the league is full of riff-raff, going to fold after a few weeks or not worth your time? If you run a league, how do you know if the new guy that wants to join your league will play by the rules, not quit or behave inappropriately? With League Crawler, you can search our database for any PSNID, Gamertag or League and find out it’s rating and browse other people’s comments. You can also submit your rating and engage the League Crawler community by adding your comments as well.

– Recruiting New Members – Check out the Recruiting section of the site to find our user forum. Here you can join and post, in addition to your League’s profile page on the site, an ad to promote your site and let prospective owners know you’re looking for members. Remember, the forum is for recruiting new members, the other section is for rating and commenting (good or bad) the PSNIDs, Gamertags and League Profiles on the site.

Have fun everyone and get rating!!

– Matt @ leaguecrawler