Hey everyone!  Some of you may have already been a part of this in the past, but I wanted to let you know we are working on re-booting the LCTV concept!  Many of you are out there constantly doing cool stuff and broadcasting it on your Twitch channels, and want to give you a chance to get some additional exposure by using our Twitch channel to broadcast your games, Super Bowls, Draft Parties, Tournaments, Weekly Shows and anything else you can think of.

Remember – this is NOT JUST FOR MADDEN!!  League Crawler is a sports gaming community for all games, not just Madden so, let us know if you play NBA2K, MLB, FIFA, PES – any sports game and we’ll get to work on getting you noticed.

Here’s how it will work:

You or your league can request specific time slots (outlined below) where you are given the ability to host your content on the official League Crawler twitch channel.  Upon approval, one member of your league will be given the “editor” rol via their Twitch user name on the League Crawler channel.  That user can then utilize the /host channelname command in the League Crawler channel’s chat section to have the channel host content from another channel.  When it is your league’s time slot, the “editor” for your league will have the opportunity to go and host that leaue’s content for that given period of time.  If you miss it, you miss it.  Host or don’t host is up to you.

Regular Programming

Some of you guys are really hardcore and we’d like to fill up the schedule with as much regular programming as possible.  So think of it this way – your league signs up for two days a week, Tues and Thurs from 8pm – 9pm eastern.  On those days and times, you try to get your members to play their game, or a game of the week, draft party – whatever for those time slots.  If you miss one, no big deal (if you miss a lot, well, read below).  The idea here is – as the schedule fills with regular content, the channel becomes like an ESPN for sports franchise related games and content and you have a great chance of people seeing you guys do your thing.


We are currently seeking sponsors from #LCTV!  We do a lot of promotion and are gaining followers and subscribers daily.  We want to work with companies, brands and individuals that want to promote their products and services to our community as an #LCTV sponsor.  We will work with you to tailor a sponsorship campaign that is best suited to your interests and what we can provide.  You could sponsor a game, a week, a specific giveaway or any other option you can think of.  We can get as creative as you want.  Bottom line – we want to continue to build buzz in the community, get more followers and subscribers and make #LCTV the number one place to se great content from multiple sources on a regular basis.  Giveaways and events help make that happen so – reach out and see if we can help each other out!  For inquiries and opportunities, please contact Matt @leaguecrawler on Twitter or

Weekly Wrap-up Show

We are currently working on putting toether a weekly wrap-up show that will showcase some of the content from the week.  We will be combing over some of the games of the week and putting them together into a top ten, highlights style program to give your leagues even more recognition!  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Twitch to stay up to date on dates/times for these shows.  They will be epic and most importantly – they will feature YOU!

One Time Streams

Leagues that participate in Regular programming will also be given access to “One-Time” stream access as well that allows them to jump in and host content at times that are not regularly scheduled.  Again, this is for leagues that participate in regularly scheduled programming only.  We don’t want to lock up times that regularl users could use for a big game with a member that just wants to host something every once in a while.  Note – this section is subject to change as needed.  For example, if we fill this schedule up it might get to the point where Saturday and Sunday are left open for big games only.  We’ll see.

Additional Rules and Agreements

1.  This is a new thing for League Crawler so everything we do going forward is subject to change at the sole discretion of League Crawler.

2.  You must be an active League Crawler member to be considered – use the site frequently, follow on Twitch and Twitter, etc.  If you don’t already, click the links to follow us on and

3.  Your stream, channel, users and anything affiliated with your programming is 100% free of the slightest hint of racism, sexism, politics and obscenity.  Think TBS/Fox/CBS in terms of content and language.  Clean, fun and safe for everyone to watch.  If there is anything sketchy going on that does not meet this requirement, you’ll be warned and if it happens again, you’ll be taken off the list.

4.  Regular programming will be evaluated on a weekly or monthly basis and may be swapped for another show, time slot or any other change as needed and at the discretion of League Crawler.  Bottom line, if you’re scheduled for a time slot and never there and someone wants it, you could be swapped.

5.  Your stream is for promoting yourself, your league, tips, hints, tricks, etc and not a place for bashing other leagues, players, etc.  Yes, League Cralwer is a place where you can post your opinion about anything you want but LCTV since it is more promotional in nature is not the place to sound off of other leagues or members of the community.

6.  If your live stream has live commentary, it would be cool if you included something like: “hey, we’re broadcasting on League Crawler” type of message during the broadcast time to help tie our hosting of your channel back to our site.  It doesn’t have to be every 5 minutes or everything so the impact will be extremely light for the streamer.

Below is a schedule that as we get regularly scheduled programming set will update with the name of the show in it’s respective time slot.

Matt @leaguecrawler