January 2017 League of the Month – BSD!

Happy January guys!  We’re moving along here at League Crawler and it’s already a new year!  2016 was a really great year for us.  We officially launched in March of 2014 and it took almost a year and a half to get 100 members.  Over the second year and a half, we have grown to approximately 1,350!  It’s been really cool to meet so many cool people in the community and see all the cool stuff leagues are doing!  I want to say thanks for a great 2016 to everyone that has used our site for recruiting, finding leagues, providing feedback and ratings on players, playing in our tournaments and everything else!  This is a community site and you are a wonderful community to be a part of!  That said – along the way, we’ve had a chance to feature some really cool leagues in our league of the month articles.  This month’s league of the month requires a limited amount of introduction because it’s commish, johnnyloudpockets has a LOT to say as you might guess from his username.
I first became aware of Mr. Pockets during one of our Tribute Tournaments where he fought valiantly but like his Bengals (mine too by the way) was bounced in the first round.  That’s ok, they say those who can’t play, commish.  At least that was always my excuse when I commished.  In all honesty, I don’t know how he plays but from what I’ve been able to observe – Johnny can commish.  He and his team have been running Blindside Dynasty since Madden 12 and have a great reputation in the Madden community.  The other thing I like about Dr. Pockets is how he handles himself in our group chat.  If you’re not already a member of our groupme chat, feel free to join.  We have a great group of regulars and Johnny is one that is a staple and is very helpful to people.  So when I was looking for a great league to feature for January, BSD kept sticking out.  I asked around a bit, checked their profile on this site and found what I excpected to see – a great reputation and a very easy choice for our site to feature as the first League of the Month for 2017!  I asked Johnny to shed some light on why BSD is so successful and he answered some of it but broke from tradition a bit and asked his guys to expand more than him and talk about themselves and the league for him.  Enjoy!
1.  How long has have you guys been around?  What made you decide to start your own league?
Firstly, I want to thank you Matt for giving us the opportunity. Im am gonna give a little info about the CFM, then im going to hand it over to our users. I dont like to boost up the league myself. Id rather you guys hear it from the coaches themselves. So later in the interview. I will hand it over to my top 4 users in the league and allow them to bring some hindsight into the interview. BlindSide dyNASTY [BSD] was started in M12. We are a top 20 on daddyleagues.com, we also boast a 9.9 rating on leaguecrawler.com.  I was inspired by my first league I was ever in. Now mind you. This was a freestyle league. I knew nothing else. I then join a so called “sim” league. It was a change of pace and I liked the gameplay change from playing straight lobby guys. The sim scene is where I belonged. This league however had its issues and I wasnt with it. I wanted to create a league to be different than the rest. I wanted to be an admin above the rest. One that takes pride in being fair and unbiased to all users, enforces all rule infractions and takes pride in sportsmanship as well as create an overall great experience in the sim community. This league was created to escape our day to day lives. Its great to have a rough day, then come home to escape from reality from time to time. This is what we aim for. Our rules date back all the way to the start of the franchise.  Each and every year we add more and more. We do this basically to jus eliminate the loop holes that users try to exploit. The famous saying is “well i didnt know, it wasnt in the rules” so we have eliminated that excuse. Also MOST of our rule changes are voted on by the entire league before they are changed. I like to get the league involved as much as possible. To me, it adds to the immersion that we already have in the CFM. I like everybody to feel included. In BSD everybody has a voice! BSD to me, in my opinion is one of the best “true” sim leagues out there because of the coaches we have established throughout our history of the league[M12].  About 85 percent of our guys have been with us for multiple maddens, and the guys just joining are starting to get a view/taste on what BSD is really about.  Im sure they have noticed our very low coach turnover rate. Never did I imagine that BSD would turn out to be this successful at any point. At any rate, Our coaches are the real MVPs when it comes down to it. Its the league involvement/activity with all users whether its scheduling games right at advance week in and week out [often times resulting in an early advance more often than not] following our rule book [rarely get any complaints between our coaches] and really just the overall activity and effort that some of our coaches [they kno who they are] put towards the league, whether its making the league magazine, being on our trade commitee, doing our quarterly news, stepping up to be an admin when one leaves, the list goes on and on. With that being said, I am truely honered and enjoy being the commish of BSD more than my coaches probably will ever know.
2.  How many other leagues have you been a part of and how have those experiences influenced you?
I have been in too many leagues to count. Every league is has its differences. Ive just been looking for that league qualities and beliefs that we have in place for BSD. So far, ive yet to find any that go above and beyond as we do in the BlindSide. Im sure theres some out there. Where they at though?
3.  What was the most difficult thing in getting the ball rolling with your league?  How long did it take to fill the league?  Approximately how many total owners have you been through since your league started through now?
The hardest thing in ANY cfm is to find the right group of guys to see you until the end. Like i said earlier. Ive been doing this since madden 12. Its taken years for me to get to this point . We have probably been through 100-150 plus users since the start. This madden weve been though about 10 to 12. We have a very low coach turn around rate. Most guys stay for the duration of the madden up until the release of the next madden. Then we do it all over again. Id say total we would prolly have about 45 seasons total under our belt since the beginning of the CFM. We have had the league change names. But its all the same to me. Ive been running it since the start and alot have been with me from the beginning or at minimum multiple maddens.
4.  What is your favorite part of running a league?  Least favorite part? 
My favorite part about running the league.  Is that I dont do this for me. I do it for  the 31 other coaches. Alot of people in the league I feel do not see the time or effort that it takes to me the commissioner of this league behind the scenes, its like a second job, most are appreciative but some are just impossible to please. I do wish I could please all 31 other users at any givin time. But if you have ever been an admin. You kno that this is an impossible thing to do.
Having favorites is a HUGE thing that affects how smoothly a CFM runs. Not alot of leagues can say that. I dont show favortism to anybody in the league. If you screw up. You are held accountable. Dont matter if you been with me from the start or you just joined. I can honestly say thats one of my pet peeves in any league that I have/might join in the past/future. On the other hand, the toughest part for me. Is booting guys. I dont go around just booting coaches for no reason due to a disagreement between users or myself. I put up with alot of backlash here and there.[comes with the job] It takes alot to catch a boot from me. Everybody has their breaking point tho. If you arent a good fit for the league. I replace you. Simple as that. Gotta do whats best for the CFM and its other coaches within the league.
5.  What tools do you use to recruit for your league?  Have any been more helpful than others? 
We take a different approach when it comes to recruiting. In order to even get into the league,  or even the waiting list. You MUST be brought in by an established member of the league that can vouch for you. At some times our list can be up to 10 users deep.   We do this only for the simple fact that you never know what is gonna come at you, user wise. There are alot of people out there who would love to destroy a good thing out of spite. So when recruiting we jus go with what we kno. Bringing strangers in whom nobody knows can be detrimental to the league. Recruiting from sites/recruitment chats is like a “box of chocolates” if you would. You never know what you are going to get. However, leaguecrawler.com has eliminated this for the most part with introducing the player rating system.
6.  How many people are on your team?  What are their roles?  Have you always been the commish?
I have always been the commissioner of the league. We run with a minimal admin team. Just for the simple fact that there is less people to clash heads with and we really dont need to have any more than what we already have.  There are 3 admins total, myself included. I cant take all the credit, I have 2 other admin to help me out. Shouts to FSU and SureBet. [interview with them later] without those guys my job as the commissioner would be much harder. They know what to do when im not available. I dont even have to tell them or say anything to them. Whether its posting trades for the  trade committee or advancing the league and handling duties while im at work. Really a great admin team, and I wouldnt trade them! We also have a 5 man trade commitee. 3 of the 5 are admins. Ive decided to let the other admins tell their story.
– Fsu_baNdit [Admin][Jaguars]

i.  Describe your thoughts about the leagues commissioner.

Can’t ask for a more dedicated guy to keep up with a league. Take his stuff serious. A lot of valuable time and effort has to be put forth for a truly good madden league and JonnyLOUDPOCKETS does just that.
ii.  What are you duties within the league?
I try my best to help Jonny keep things going smoothly. As I said before it takes a lot of time and effort and it’s a lot for a one guy to do. Handling advances force wins or losses and keeping a handle on guys maintaining rules and integrity of the league is what I try to help with.
iii.  How do you find time to balance Admin duties along with natural user coaching duties? 
Not to difficult really. We have a solid group of users that have mostly been around multiple maddens so it make the admin job much easier.
– SurebetGP [Admin][Patriots]

i.  Describe your thoughts about the leagues commissioner. 

He a strong leader who is true to what he says, keeps this league running smoothly, he handles problems well and doesn’t accept bullshit from people.
ii.  What are you duties within the league
My duties are pretty much the trade committee and I’ll help with advances and try to help enforce the rules.
iii.  How do you find time to balance Admin duties along with natural user coaching duties?
Well it’s madden it doesn’t take forever just keep in contact with the lg and GroupMe and also just play my games, it’s simple really.
…..Ok – back to Mr Pockets himself!
7.  What are the two or three things that your league does best?
We are a 48 hour league. As stated prior. We usually advance early every week. At advance I sent group texts to every user in the league letting them kno we have advanced. In these texts we have links to the schedule and the coaches contact page. Everybody on the daddyleagues site has a contact number. I do the same thing in the chat as well. I tag everybody and let them knows whats going on. So you should see the same message twice everytime I reach out.
9.  What are one or two things that your league is doing that people may not know about? 
As stated before. We do have our Chargers user who does a magazine for us. He does a really great job. Here are the two most recent issues. Id suggest checking them out if you get a chance.


Also our superbowl winner are givin pizza delivered to their door. I get winners address and phone number to pizza place of their choice. I call the pizza place up. Place the order, and have it shipped directly to your door. In recent seasons ive been the sole provider if this. Up until recently, our season 2 winner has decided to purchase the prize for the current champ. I hope we could keep this going. It would keep the prize in the league. And would also see that im not the only one dishing out the prize at the end of each season. As fast as we move. It can get to be expensive. If we run 9 seasons at 25 bucks a pop. You do the math. So that was a very helpful and thoughtful thing for him to start. We shall see how long it keeps going.

10.  What’s next for you guys?
We are jus gonna continue to do what we do. We wont change for anybody.
11.  If you could change one thing about Madden CFM, what would it be?
I would have to the XP that is givin out postseason. Ive only heard bad things about it. Due to it, we have made it to where no coaches are to use any XP on any player. In past maddens it was nearly impossible to boost a players speed or acceleration rating. It simply costed too much. As it should. Lets face it. A player is not gonna get faster the older they become. Its jus very unrealistic to me. Ive heard of it getting out of hand quickly. We nipped this in the butt at the conclusion of season 1. Everybody knows speed kills in madden. We didnt want to have no 99 speed WRS. 95 speed LBS so on and so forth, it really takes away from the “sim” aspect that we strive for in BSD.
12.  Is your team in the NFL (real) playoffs?  If so, who is it and what are the chances they will win it all?  If not, what is the one piece your team is missing they can address to get there next season? 
No, my team is out the playoffs this season. Im a diehard Bengals fan. Previous 5 seasons weve made it to playoffs. But have yet to win a single playoff game. My thoughts are to get rid of our head coach. If that dont work. Dalton gotta go next. Its frustrating to make playoffs like that and to come up empty handed everytime.

Who are the top four members of your league?

Ive decided to sit back on this one. Ive come up with a set of questions for them myself. I wanna let them speak for themselves…

– Ruhel1987 [Rams]

i.  What team are you and tell us a little about your team.

I have the LA Rams in BSD and this team was a project when I took over them at the end of season one. This team is built to force you to throw the ball. I trust my bawl hawking DB’s against anyone or any team on any given night.
ii.  Where would you rank BSD amongst other CFMs.
In all honesty, BSD has been by far the best and most organized league that I have been a part of. Its amazing how the league just keeps on rolling advance after advance. As seasons go on, guys get even more hungrier to play. To this day, I never had to “text” a user to schedule a game. Every user is held responsible for checking the group text and their dm’s and they are really good at responding back. Also, guys are active; not just with their teams but with being a part of something amazing. All 32 users say something on the chat all the time. Some are always more vocal than others (like myself) but everyone brings a little something to the table. Jonny has done a tremendous job at keeping it moving at that pace. In CFM, its the users that make the leagues however you cant have that without a great top notch foundation. Obviously running a league with 31 other users can be a hectic and often you find yourself in a situation to remove guys for the good of the league and those are tough decisions and JLP doesn’t shy away. The core of the league still remains the same, anyone that comes in with a negative tone or doesn’t have the leagues best interest in mind goes away. The most impressive part of that is, it takes longer to boot the guy than to find the replacement.
iii.  What are two or three things that really stands out or separates the CFM from others?
The competitiveness is definitely number one. You can’t take a game off on either conference and think that you will make the playoffs. Everyone is beatable on any given night. You miss a game or two, tough luck NO FREE PIZZA FOR YOU . The second thing would have to be the pace in which the league moves in. Its a 48 hour advance LG but we move every 24 hours. This is the 4th season and every team is still fighting and guys are still working to improve their rosters. Third but not least is scheduling man. In most leagues you have to hunt guys down and most of us are grown man that dont have the time or the patience for that. Having to just tag a dude and him responding back at a timely manner is remarkable.
iv.  How long have you been apart of the CFM and what made you wanna join the CFM?  How long do you plan on staying in the CFM?
This is my first madden in BSD. I met jonny in another LG last madden and he was always talking about how amazing his league was. Although I did believe him and wanted to join, I just didn’t think I could make time for two leagues. So a bunch of guys from that league decided to join BSD and after the madden dropped, they couldn’t stop bragging about how great BSD is and how Jonny runs a tight ship and its so smooth. So hearing it made me wanna join and I told jonny to put me on. He had to put me on a “waiting list” to get a team. At the time i was like the wtf…. apparently I was number two and there was another user ahead of me that was going to take over the next open team. Right there and then I knew I had to be a part of it. I mean most lgs struggle to get to 32 users and here we got dudes waiting on layaway. Im definitely a LIFER here in BSD. For as long as I play madden and pick up that disc on release day, I will be in BSD making qbs miserable.
v.  Tell us a little bit as to how you feel about your real life team right now. 
Thats a tough one! Im a giants fan and we just lost that playoff game to the packers. That wound is still fresh and its too hard to even talk about it just yet. I think its safe to say I will never be picking the packers again as my CFM team.
vi.  How often are you able to play madden? Wife? Children etc. Tell us a little bit about your family.
I am always down to play during primetime. I play almost every night unless I have plans but thats mostly during the weekends. No children yet and just got married last year. The wife knows my love for madden and she doesn’t have a problem with it as long as she gets her time. My family is my world and madden definitely helps me relive some of that daily life stress that we get dealt with. It sort of blocks everything out for that hour or so while i am playing. I can honestly say madden keeps me sane and it definitely works in a therapeutic way, at least for me.
– Casnybx28 [Cardinals]

i.  What team are you and tell us a little about your team.

Cardinals and my team is a ground and pound built team with one of the best defenses in the LG
ii.  Where would you rank BSD amongst other CFMs.
I’m in 7 leagues and BSD Is definitely #1

iii.  What are two or three things that really stands out or separates the CFM from others?

The players are very good and they play the game the way it should be without the  glitches and cheese.  The owner stays on top of things especially rules Which is very important.

iv.  How long have you been apart of the CFM and what made you wanna join the CFM?  How long do you plan on staying in the CFM?

Started last year when a friend of mine told me about the LG and put me down with it and as long as they keep going and  continue with how they doing now I will be around.

v.  Tell us a little bit as to how you feel about your real life team right now. 

My team is the Giants and they blew an opportunity to win at Green Bay and go play the cowboys but it was still a good season and defense Def looked great and should still be great next year.

vi.  How often are you able to play madden? Wife? Children etc. Tell us a little bit about your family. 

I’m usually able to play everyday for an 1 or 2 give or take what I’m doing. Me and my girl live together and I got 5 kids 4 girls 1 boy.

Bigfella-SOT [Bears] 

i.  What team are you and tell us a little about your team.

Chicago bears, what can I say about my team they are a young and talented group that’s trying to get over the hump and win a SB while they have all the key pieces. It’s a SB or bust year for these bears that’s how hungry we are.
ii.  Where would you rank BSD amongst other CFMs.
I would rank BSD # 1 among other CFMs and I’m in 5 others.
 iii.  What are two or three things that really stands out or separates the CFM from others?
The dedication and time the commissioner puts in to make the league run smoothly. The group of guys we have in the league are just the best. I call it a gentlemans league. It’s just a league you can tell will be around for a long time. I could go on and on.
iv.  How long have you been apart of the CFM and what made you wanna join the CFM?  How long do you plan on staying in the CFM?
I have been with this league since madden 16 I believe, I was invited by another user I meant in another league I was in with. Until the end of days Aka when I’m dead.
v.  Tell us a little bit as to how you feel about your real life team right now?
Oh you mean what team I root for?  I don’t have a team. I love football in general. I try to watch every game whenever its on.
vi.  How often are you able to play madden? Wife? Children etc.Tell us a little bit about your family. 
I’m able to play fairly often. No wife or kids just work mainly and my family for the most part at the moment along with a chick. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We are a close family. Me and my younger brother used to play madden all the time and join leagues together but he slowly faded away from madden
Nchoudhury83 aka Nadil [Dolphins]

i.  What team are you and tell us a little about your team. 

My team is the dolphins, my team is the two time afc champions, currently filled with some young guys and a team that’s still developing.
ii.  Where would you rank BSD amongst other CFMs.
I rank bsd among the top of the leagues that I have ever played in
iii.  What are two or three things that really stands out or separates the CFM from others?
The things that stand out the most is the competitive nature between all 32 users … top to bottom I can honestly say, that anyone can win in any given game, another point that stands out is how active all users are in both playing their games and in the chat, and finally id say the Commishes do their jobs well and have been fair and understanding and make the league a great league to be apart of.
iv.  How long have you been apart of the CFM and what made you wanna join the CFM?  How long do you plan on staying in the CFM?
I’ve been in cfm leagues since madden 15, however I joined BSD in madden 16 before season 1, I joined because I heard good things about the league from a few users I played with in my other league, and I wanted to see if all the rumors I heard were true. I intend to keep playing in the CFM for as long as they will have me
v.  Tell us a little bit as to how you feel about your real life team right now.
My real life team is the kc chiefs, I’m very excited about their current season as well as the prospects for the future, I think we got a nice young team that can potentially win the super bowl this year
vi.  How often are you able to play madden? Wife? Children etc. Tell us a little bit about your family.
I have a fairly flexible work schedule, but I do have a wife and kid at home so I can’t always play as much as I would like,  but I’m usually very flexible to play on week nights and almost weekends I’m free to play at some point, as I do spend time with my family but we do have some lazy weekends where we just stay home
Thanks again Matt! Keep it classy sir
Twitter for BSD: @JonnyLoudpkts
Daddyleagues: daddyleagues.com/bsd