It’s Super Bowl Season!

Busy night!  Busy week!!  Soden Bowl Super Bowl 104 earlier this week and two more tonight from some great leagues.

I watched almost all of MSR’s championship pitting the Eagles against the Patriots. Great game, great call by their live commentary team.  The Eagles ended up winning, but the game was a “who gets the ball last” you’re situation for the whole game.  It came down to that and a forced fumble by the Pats they couldn’t scoop (an Eagles lineman got it) but could have been the decider. A heartbreaker for the Pats, but a fun game to watch.

Next up, AGS’ Super Bowl with the Broncos vs the Niners.  Several turnovers could have and ultimately did decide the game but I think “missed opportunities” might be the word of the game.  I watched Super Bowl winner Trent throw a killer pass down field in the first half, only to get picked off the next play, about 70 yards almost a pick six. The end of the game was no different, except the game sealer was an almost pick six by Trent’s defense to seal the game.

Snypz was on the call for the AGS game and never disappoints.  So many streams miss the mark with level and energy, yelling and being over the top for no reason.  Snypz is a freaking pro yet again, combining commentary with excitement at just the right levels.

Great games to both leagues. Some of the most solid leagues out there and I’m glad I got to spend some time with you guys.

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