I Love This Level of Engagement

I love to see this kind of engagement from a community.  Sofa Kings is a great Madden league too look into it you’re looking to play in a fun, active community.  They also have a really nice logo and website, which I’m a sucker for.  One cool thing about them is their game recaps on their site from their owners, like this one from their Patriots owner:

Played out in a driving rain, with field conditions “uncertain” at best, the New England Patriots (4-3) treaded water long enough to outlast the Buffalo Bulls (3-5) in front of a well-soaked home faithful. The Patriots also kept their head above water on the season, once again rising above .500 and getting a good look at the second half of the year.


Great writing from their Patriots owner adding the kind of immersion that makes Sofa Kings a great league. Nice job guys!

Check out the rest of the article below: