Defining Greatness

How do you define greatness? Since the Brotherhood League started back in 2008 we’ve had many champions. Many dominant coaches in Madden, NCAA and NBA 2K. The level of competition in the Brotherhood League is 2nd to none. This is no doubt where the Best of the Greatest gamers game. Where greatness lives and breathes. Greatness is bred through adversity. Faced with the best comp in any Xbox league one of the biggest challenges in the Brotherhood League is to win a Championship. Through that adverse challenge Coach Vpercz (also known as Twitch) has truly proven to be one of the Best of the Greatest. Defying greatness by becoming the 1st in the BHBL to win 3 straight NBA 2k championships. Four total in 5 seasons in 2k21. Greatness defined? Time will tell. For now salute to the 1st 3-peat champion in the BHBL. Congrats

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