Elite Madden’s Trash Talk Show

I had a chance last night to hop into Madden Elites’ Tuesday Night Trash Talk show on twitch. I’ve known these guys for a few months, they are very active and have been fun to watch.  I love when communities do these kinds of shows, especially when you can see the host because it just adds an additional element of immersion to the game and their league.  I think at one point they had 5 people on the call, all chiming in about various things in the league – one guy racking up 40+ points in the first half, another guy losing a super bowl and never living it down.  Just fun stuff, a great addition to a great league.  I also liked that it wasn’t run by the commish!  What a blessing to a commish that someone beside him do this sorry of thing, giving him time to focus on other stuff and just listen and pop in as needed. Good stuff, keep it up!!

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