DaDynasty – Feb 2017 League of the Month!

Happy February guys!  Wow, what can I say about the year we’ve had.  I was looking back at the year and when I sent out the Newsletter for February of 2016, it went out to about 550 members.  A year later it will go out to almost 1,500 members!  It’s cool to see people using the site and finding value in it.  With that, I keep seeing more and more cool leagues showing up all the time!  This month’s League of the Month, DaDynasty is one of the more active leagues on Twitter and has made a name for themselves quickly.  Full disclosure, I’m a big fan of leagues that have their own logo, website, graphics, youtube channel etc.  All of that takes time, talent and energy and the best leagues know that the concept of Full Immersion is paramount to the success of a good league.  When I think of great leagues they all have that – look at Synergy, MBL, XCFL, Blindside and others that we at League Crawler have featured for examples of leagues that have some of the most engaged members out there.  That’s not to say that it’s required but when you look at the work these guys at DaDynasty put into their league and it’s easy to see why people want to get in and stay in.

They do youtube videos, lots of graphics, a cool way to approach the new Madden when it drops, podcasts and a lot more.  I also want to say that it’s awesome and inspiring how they have so many members sharing the load, adding content and helping.  That’s been the common thread of this Madden season as I’ve watched leagues grow and featured them more regularly with this column.  The village mentality is crucial to the success of a league and having excellent co-commissioners and staff to help is so important.  DaDynasty is thriving in a crowded league market and I think their recipe for success is one to be emulated.  They haven’t been around long and they are doing very well and for that, they are our pick for February League of the Month!

How long has have you guys been around?  What made you decide to start your own league?

Da Dynasty has been around for 2 years.  We decided to start Da Dynasty because we wanted a league that adhered to a strict schedule during the regular and post season. We were in a league that would set an advance time at 9pm, but users would put pressure on the Commish. Then, he would advance the league early instead of sticking to the set advance time.

How many other leagues have you been a part of?  What is the one thing you’ve learned from those experiences?

I have been apart of 4 other leagues. As a commish, I’ve learned that you can not buckle to the pressure of a few and to always to do what’s best for the league overall.

What was the most difficult thing in getting the ball rolling with your league?  How long did it take to fill the league?  Approximately how many total owners have you been through since your league started through now?

The most difficult aspect was finding quality users because there was a lot of turnover in the early days. We have had about 70 users be apart of our league over the last 2 years.

Tell me a funny story about something that happened in your league.

Well this one time I had a users wife call me to explain why her husband was unable to play his game.

What is your favorite part of running a league?  Least favorite part?

My favorite part in running Da Dynasty is the ability to give users a league that deals with every user the same.  I have been in leagues where certain rules didn’t apply to all users. In Da Dynasty no one is above the rules including myself.  My least favorite part apart being a commish is the lack of time I have to focus on my team.

What tools do you use to recruit for your league?  Have any been more helpful than others?

We utilize League Crawler, Twitter and Facebook to recruit new users. They all have been very helpful in finding quality simulation users.

How many people are on your team?  What are their roles?  Have you always been the commish?

I have 2 Co-Commish ( Sj and Tone) that help me run the league. I have been playing Madden with these guys since Madden 25.  Our media team: The Donut Man, Chris, Lord Farquuard, and Ty..

What is the thing your league does best?  Who does your graphic work?  (I think very highly of your league’s graphics)

I believe we have a great media team. Snagz and myself create most of the graphics for the league.

What are one or two things that your league is doing that people may not know about?

We are currently working to host a league trip to Vegas.

What’s next for you guys?

The next thing up for the league is the High Stakes Season, which will take place during the 2024 season. We are currently in the 2020 season, so every user has 4 seasons to build the best team possible to compete in 2024. How users finish the 2024 season determines their team draft position for Madden 18. The Superbowl winner of the 2024 season will have the 1st pick the loser will have the 2nd pick and so on down the line.

If you could change one thing about Madden CFM, what would it be?

I would like to see a draft board within CFM. That way if a user has to miss the draft he could set is board for the CPU to draft from.

Are you a fan of other sports?  NBA?  NCAA?  MLB?  Who do you root for?  

I’m a Huge Miami Heat fan…

User Spotlight

Who are the top three members of your league?

  1. Hot Tub@DML__Broncos
  2. King-Vitaman@DML_Browns
  3. KP@DML__Lions

Any final comments?

Our goal is not to be the best Madden league in the world. We just want to help promote the game so that EA gives the CFM community the best game possible.

League website:

League Twitter: @DaDYNASTYCFM

Commish: Nasty Nupe  @DML_Falcons

Co-Commish: SJ  @DML_Cardinals

Co-Commish: Tone @DML_Seahawks

Media Team

Chris @DML_ Raiders

Ty @DML_Saints

Lord Farquuad @DML__Bills

Donut Man @DML__Eagles88


YouTube Channel