Customer Loyalty is Priceless

So, what does it take to make a Madden League successful? The obvious answers are members, dedications, owners playing by the rules but if you had to ask most commissioners what they covet, aside from those things is dedication. A really good book to read if you’re aspiring to a business career, specifically a small business is Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless by Jeffery Gitomer. In the book he illustrates that every good business owner must not strive for satisfaction from its customers, it must strive for loyalty. Madden leagues are a business – whether ot not they make money and their customers are the owners they attract, entertain and enjoy. See, any league can attract owners to join. Doubt me? Cruise over to any Facebook recruiting group and read their posts. “PS4 lg starting tonight – no 4th dwn, no chz”. Replies from countless gamers pour in – “hit me up, want Jags”. Now, I’m no botonist (pun intended) but without science as my ally, I can guess the approximate number of those members turing into solid owners for their respective leagues. Hence League Crawler’s existence, but I won’t go into that here. The key is buy-in. It’s consistency. It’s LOYALTY. Generally, in Madden, there is no loyalty and very little honor. I see guys crush each other, talk incredible amounts of trash and for what? It’s a big reason why there are so many SIM leagues out there, striving to be a place where guys that want to distance themselves from that noise can come and play. Here’s the catch – with so many free to join SIM leagues out there, how do you get guys to stay? Loyalty. So, what does that mean? Well, in the eyes of the commish it means sticking it out, playing games, helping enforce rules (sort of a locker room presence) but a key element is getting guys to buy in to the point that they are not just buying your league, they are selling it to others. Creating content, writing articles and game recaps, radio shows, youtube and being active on the league website and Twitter are extremely important. Check out the content being created over at MBL and their Youtube channel at below is one of their most recent videos, going into some detail about their Cowboys owner.


This video is very well done and represents a lot of what I’m talking about.Youtube is just one place that I think leagues can gain an advantage in becoming a destination for loyal owners. The other is Twitter. Hey, if Donald Trump can build his brand with it, it’s good enough for your league! Running League Crawler I see every single profile of every one of the pages of league profiles we have on our site. I’m always puzzled why leagues do not have a presence on Twitter. For years as a commissioner I searched for better and better chat clients to embed into my league website – still somewhat functional and holds up rather well I think (if you want to take a look, it’s here). Twitter has changed so much of that. First off, it’s free. Second, I love what the guys at MBL @BomberLeague and @NEFL on Twitter are doing. They have accounts for every member, tweet constantly and have news coverage accounts for fake Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless for example. I’m not in either league and find myself reading through their tweets from time to time just keeping up with the things that are happening.

So, cheers to the great leagues out there like MBL and NEFL for doing a really good job at not just running a league and satisfying their customers (the owners) but creating a place where guys want to join, stay and most importantly, be LOYAL. Remember commissioners, customer satisfaction is worthless, customer loyalty is priceless.