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Hey guys – it’s already April and summer is almost here! In these months it can be hard to find a Madden league that’s still active and playing games. That said, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to OFLNOW.com. I have had some time to get to know the leader of this site and it really seems like they are doing a lot right there. Spoiler Alert if you don’t know anything about these guys, they are not a SIM league, nor are they free to play. They are a pay to play and cash reward site that is very busy with multiple leagues and tournaments. I I have personally only been involved in SIM leagues but I think it’s interesting how diverse the Madden community is and it is cool that players of all types can find leagues to play in. I encourage everyone that is looking for a league to check these guys out and see what they have to offer. In the article, OFLNOW’s commissioner mentions a player in his league that was thinking about quitting because he wasn’t competitive vs. the tough competition in the league. He then talks about how that player reached out and helped the other guy learn some more advanced concepts and plays in the game that made him better. It’s moments like these that really prove that the Madden community isn’t just full of quitters and scrubs. There are some really good guys and leagues out there and we hope to help you find one another here at League Crawler. With that, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to OFLNOW.com and crown them League of the Month for April 2015! For more on what’s going on at OFLNOW, I talked with Greg (their commish) and asked some questions:

1. How long have you been a Madden player?

It’s been so long I don’t exactly remember but in the early 1990s is when I remember playing with my childhood friends from the neighborhood. I have always been into all the sports video games, but madden has always been my favorite. I really focused on Madden when online play started I loved head to head games. I have heard the complaints about madden for years about not being much more than a yearly roster update but I actually disagree and believe that the direction EA Sports is taking Madden is exciting and the improvements are easily noticeable.

2. How many leagues have you been in prior or in addition to your league?

I have played in dozens of leagues before I started OFLNOW.com but I kept coming across poorly organized leagues or good commissioners who chose to allow the wrong type of gamer in the league which always ruined the leagues. This is one of the reasons at OFLNOW.com we specifically target certain types of gamers to join our leagues and if someone approaches us we use various methods to make sure they will be a legitimate active and mature league member.

3. What made you decide to start your league?

Some of the issues I mentioned earlier contributed to my decision to start my own league. I started with one free league on madden 25 Xbox 360 and everyone kept sending me compliments about it being the best league they ever joined and how much fun it was, so it was then when I decided to start OFLNOW.com. I never would have imagined that within 6 months we would have 12 leagues.

4. How many seasons/Madden iterations has your league been active?

Like I said previously, we started in September 2014. We offer different types of leagues from fantasy draft to non draft leagues and some are multiple seasons and some leagues are single season leagues. I have noticed most members like the multiple season leagues better, because you get to build your team more. I enjoy multiple season leagues the best, because a lot more goes into the league than just playing your games.

5. What has been the best part of running a league?

The best part about running the leagues is meeting new people and building friendships. We have future plans to have LAN tournaments in various locations, such as: Richmond, Orlando, Mrytle Beach, Grand Rapids, Harrisburg, Houston, and Austin. This way we can all meet in person and play some Madden and just hang out together. It is very evident that real friendships have been formed and people want to meet.

6. What has been the worst/hardest part about running a league?

The hardest part about running so many leagues is clearly getting the right gamers with similar skill levels all in the same leagues. This is something we are currently working on and plan on having mastered for Madden 16. We have some of the best Madden players on Earth in our leagues and I say that with the utmost respect to all leagues, but with over 150 plus members and constantly growing there are tons of guys that are average Madden gamers like myself who also want to have a great experience which creates some major hurdles that we are primarily focused on addressing.

7. What is the biggest difference you see between OFL Now and a lot of other leagues out there?

I really don’t know one particular thing, because I don’t really play in other leagues. The folks in my league when I asked them always tell me the same two things: competition level and the organization of the leagues. We had a 96 percent game completion rate in all of our leagues until just recently we took a slight dip in completion of games. I think people are slowly losing interest in madden now that the weather is getting nicer and football is over.

8. OFL Now does not subscribe to the SIM formula – why is that? What kind of players do you attract and why do they enjoy playing in your leagues?

I actually feel the Madden community gets it completely wrong when they call it “sim-style” by putting rules in place to clearly limit the game and the player you are not simulating real football as most sim leagues advertise. I have watched a lot of football I never saw a rule that said you can’t go for it on fourth down. Sure, it is frustrating when someone gets a 4th and 7 from their 40 yard line, but it’s allowed in the real world so how can you call that sim, because you are clearly not replicating real football. Another example, sim leagues will impose a rule that says you can’t run the same play. How is that real football I am an Eagles fan and Chip Kelly constantly runs the same play until you stop it and he would be stupid not to. It is your job to play defense not the offense to stop doing what’s working because you lack the skill to stop it. Furthermore, it is very evident everything in Madden clearly has a counter you just need to know it. Case and point a guy in my league BeliveNMonsters was one of the worst players but he kept playing and then he got lessons from one of the best somewhat unknown Madden players around XXXBALKINO66XXX and he taught him a scheme and counters to everything that he couldn’t stop and guess what within a month he improved drastically and now constantly makes the playoffs and competes for Superbowls and I have witnessed this happen for multiple players. Before BeliveNMonsters met XXXBALKINO66XXX he almost quit because he was a “sim” player he told me but now he has been taught the game and is a stronger madden player. Sim does nothing but negatively impact the stronger madden player and puts them at a disadvantage and that is the truth.

9. Let’s talk money – specifically league admission vs free and cash prizes for leagues vs nothing. What advantages do leagues have by putting cash on the line? What are the disadvantages?

OFLNOW.com has paid over $8000 in prizes so we are clearly a money league and the main reason we incorporate an entry fee is it shows a commitment by the player and people who pay to play frequently play their games more. It is really that simple we also do daily tournaments with prizes, but that’s a whole different animal. I really don’t see any disadvantage except you have to monitor the leagues more, because people will try to get any advantage to win money. We had to remove a few people for collusion.

10. Where do you see your league in the future? Add additional leagues? Grow into another sport, like NBA2K, MLB The Show? Stay the course and just get better at what you do?

OFLNOW.com has a lot of plans for the future, but we don’t want to sacrifice the quality that we offer and we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves. As far as leagues for different games we are currently looking into it. We really don’t trust the 2K servers at this time to do a NBA 2K league but we are looking into FIFA and MLB. Right now, OFLNOW.com is only on Xbox but we will have a strong presence on PS4 for Madden 16.

11. If you had to pick out 3 or 4 of the best owners (leaving out skill) you’ve ever had in your league, who would you pick and why?

This is a question I simply can’t get right due to the fact we have so many great members. I guess I would say PEAL 510 MANE he is just a great player who is a great scheduler and fun to talk to. OFLNOW J JERK he is extremely active and funny to talk to. FREDDY KRUG3R1 just an all around great guy who will do anything to help the league. I really don’t like this question so I’m done with it, because I like all my members they are all dedicated and competitive. We are more than a league we are a family!

12. Skill only, who are the 2 or 3 best players in your league right now?

Skill level who are the best I really don’t know, because we have so many great players so I guess the best way is to list multiple Superbowl winners. We have 3 time Super Bowl champion XXXBALKINO66XXX and 2 time Super Bowl champion PB NUMBER1.

13. What other things are special about OFL Now right now? Any features, events or other things that set OFL apart from other leagues?

I think some of the things that separate us and make us special is we offer a radio show, an online magazine, a studio show with BADTHECHADJAXON, top 20 polls, daily tournaments, SIRUSTHEVIRUSTV, and much more. Also, I think our expansion into PS4 and our live tournaments is going to be fun and interesting. We have a lot of other things planned for the future, so come grow with us at OFLNOW.com.

14. How do you think league crawler can help your league and/or the gaming community?

I think League Crawler is a great service for the Madden community and I respect all the hard work that goes into this website. League Crawler wilI help me make our leagues stronger by weeding out poor league members and finding the quality members we want in OFLNOW.com. I wish nothing but the best for League Crawler and I am very thankful and humbled that you would choose OFLNOW.com as the league of the month.

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