A Long Overdue Tribute

So, it’s been a few years now since League Crawler started and what a long way we’ve come already!  Along the way it’s been my pleasure to enjoy meeting some really nice, ambitious people in the Madden and in this case, Sports Gaming Online.  I titles this article “A Long Overdue Tribute” because it’s a bit tongue in cheek.  Before my normal work schedule side tracked me – some history, I switched jobs from one I had for almost 10 years in an environment where I had free time to build League Crawler to, well, not a whole lot at all.  I’m still adjusting.  Anyway, right about the time my work schedule changed, we held a tournament called the Tribute Tournament.  The idea was exciting – get 16 leagues to send their best two players to the tournament to play and represent their league – hence, tribute.  The winner of that tournament never got his due and frankly, it’s all my fault.  Not only does this player deserve to be recognized for his accomplishments on the virtual field, his tireless efforts to supply gamers with really, really good news and info is more than deserving off it.  The winner is of course, MWSTheNatural.  You can follow him on Twitter @SGOTheNaturalIf you have not had a chance to visit Sports Gaming Online, you really need to.  If you’re into sports video games, this really has become an excellent source of information with new articles coming all the time.  When I ran my league, my goto was always Operation Sports and pastapadre – both by the way are still excellent sites, but I’ve found recently that if want excellent, original content, Sports Gaming Online is a really good source of info.  In a short amount of time, they’ve grown to an astounding (believe me, it is astounding) 8,000+ twitter followers.  Do you know how hard it is to get that many twitter followers?  It’s crazy.  League Crawler has approximately 300 in 2 years.  This is a testament to not only the level of acivity on the site but the relavance and substance of the content as well.  So, go check them out!http://www.sportsgamersonline.com/