2018 League Crawler Awards – User’s Choice Voting


Good evening!  It’s official, no deed goes unpunished.  As most of you know by now, my effort to open up a User Choice voting for the 2018 Awards came to a screeching stop when someone decided to run a script on the form and jack up the results.  I however will not be daunted by this and instead, used te unique responses from all of what was submitted and entered that into a Survey from Survey Monkey.  It’s open now and you are free to begin voting at any time.  This time around though – one vote per user and IP Addresses will be tracked.  So – to everyone that took the original survey seriously, thank you.  To whomever it was that decided it was a good idea for me to stop watching Aquaman with my family today long enough to see what happened and stop the survey and then log in at home this evening to create a new survey, you can suck an egg.  It’s cool though.  There’s enough great people out there that support this site and my efforts and they more than make up for the crap.  Anyway guys (rant over) here’s the Survey Monkey link.  Get voting!  Click Here to go to the Survey!

Original Announcement Below:

Good morning and Happy Holidays!  It’s almost that time for League Crawler to hand out some awards that we have no official authorization to hand out but do anyway!  That’s right, the 2018 League Crawler awards are right around the corner.  This year, the competition is steep and I decided to help me decide, I would allow the community to vote on the best of the best.  Here’s how it will work – you have until December 31st 2018 for all votes to be cast and in the first week of January, I will reveal the winners.  There are a few categories that I will decide myself that are not listed in the survey so be on the lookout for those as well.  I will also count for 25% of the overall votes for each category on the survey so that it’s not a complete popularity contest.  You’re welcome to vote, have your league members vote as often as the form will allow you to vote so, activate your members and get to voting!  When you see the form, you’ll notice there are write-in sections for things like Best Commissioner and also write in answers for “Other” for the sections I listed specific choices.  Be sure to be honest and fill out all sections because along with posting the winners, I’ll post honorable mentions as well.

Thanks for a great 2018 and get voting!