Bunch Offset One Play TD!

Hello LeagueCrawlers! I’m here today to bring another madden trick and that trick resides in the Bunch Offset Offensive Formation. The play is called Deep Dig and is a multipurpose beater, beating Cover 3, 4 and 6.

Today I bring you the setup to beat cover 3, specifically cover 3 match. You’re going to want to come out with the bunch side on the wide side of the field, put A on a streak and motion out the B receiver and as soon as the corner drops down to press B you snap the ball. While the play is ongoing look for the outside corner and whenever he drops back to the height of his deep 3rd coverage is when you throw the ball and now you have a touchdown almost 100% of the time. Hope you guys enjoy the little tip, now go score some touchdowns!
(All controls are from the Xbox one perspective)

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