League Crawler LIVE! E31 feat. Bold Smack Madden League

Last week on League Crawler LIVE! we had Hitstick from the Bold Smack Madden league. I feel like I say this all the time when I’m writing up my summaries of these shows, but I’m honestly community amazed thought these guys put into their leagues. One of the reasons I started League Crawler was to help connect the best leagues with the best players. Why? Well, I felt there were so many leagues out there that went unnoticed that were doing great things. There’s nothing worse than a committed commissioner doing cool things and nobody seeing it. Or, that same commissioner putting his heart and soul into his league and it getting filled with a bunch of crap players that end up burning him and the league out. So when I hear a guy like Hitstick on the show talking Madden, I get excited because I love being another place to introduce you guys to these incredible people.


So, who is Bold Smack Anyway?!?!

Bold Smack has been around for quite some time now but you may not have ever heard of them, even though they have some high profile guys. Moe plays in their league as well as NFL receiver Justin Jefferson, Madden content creator ThatFranchiseGuy and EA developer Swami. So, why haven’t you heard of them? Well, partly because they like it that way. Leagues are a funny thing in that, you want them full and when it’s time to recruit players, you’d like recognition and visibility (something I sincerely hope League Crawler helps with) but you also have to be careful to protect it. If you have a few bigger names in your league, it kind of becomes even more important because the league should be the most important thing, not just rubbing shoulders with big names. You can ruin a good league pretty quickly by making who is in it more important than the league itself, or even worse, catering to those names. Hitstick knows this and I thought it was cool to hear his approach it to. See, at their core, Bold Smack is made up of a bunch of guys that play Madden and wanted to start a league together. When you know your core, build community and culture around that because you know what’s most important, you find yourself becoming something special. You can do that with or without any big names as long as you know what you’re about.

Moe and Hitstick also talked about the state of Madden, especially as it relates to the Scouting patch that still hasn’t hit. Hitstick wasn’t shy about his criticism of Madden 21 and support of #FixMaddenFranchise and like so many others is cautiously optimistic that the scouting update is coming. Ultimately, I think Moe and Hitstick agree that the good news is EA is finally working on CFM even though there’s impatience and skepticism about the patch and when it’ll be in people’s hands.

Usable Trophies!!!!

I love when leagues give out actual trophies.  There is nothing quote like getting a real piece of hardware in your hand as the result of all your hard work.  And yes, I think it’s hard work to win a Madden league.  If you need someone to tell your significant other than, point them my way.  I played in leagues for many seasons and won ONE playoff game.  I digress.  I wanted to point out this part of Bold Smack’s league since I thought they had a really cool take on the trophy thing.  Instead of sending out an actual trophy to the Super Bowl winner, they send out something usable.  I included a few in the post, but on their Twitter I say other things like a glass, beer mug, etc.  What a really cool way of honoring your winners and giving them something that doesn’t just sit on the shelf!

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