An Incredible Conversation with Rex Dickson – League Crawler Podcast E12

To cap off the end of the first quarter of the League Crawler Podcast, we have something really special to share with all of you. Moe was able to score some time with Rex Dickson who formerly was the Creative Director on Madden for many years. He has an incredible story to share about his history, how he got into game development, the games he’s worked on over the years (Madden, NCAA Football, Turok to name a few) as well as some of the more high profile aspects of his career.

Rex Dickson - NCAA 2014
Is Rex Dickson solely responsible for this game being $389???

What I like the most about this interview is that Rex gets to be Rex and share his thoughts on the gaming industry. Gamers have LOTS of opinions about gaming. Why things should be better, why this game should have this or that, the influence of the “higher ups”, the influence of social media, etc. There is no better guy to speak to all of that than Rex – and he gets into a lot of it on the show and it’s really insightful. He shares his opinions on the Frostbite engine, MUT, CFM and a bunch of other stuff – too much to get into here (it’s a PACKED 45 minute episode).

Going back to “Rex being Rex” – this interview is special not because he talks about Madden a bit – but because Rex really is a great guy in the gaming industry and as Moe told me after the show, it was an awesome moment to get to talk to him because of the influence Rex directly had on Moe as a gamer.

We’d love to get him back on the show at some point. He’s working for another high profile company with a REALLY cool opportunity. He wasn’t able to give us any specifics but did say who he’s working with now and some of what he’s getting into at a high level and it sounds awesome.

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