About Us

League Crawler is a yelp style directory of leagues and players submitted by our community of users to help make the sports gaming community a better place to play. Our ratings system allows any League Crawler member the ability to find any league or player they know on Playstation or XBOX and submit a rating and comments to their entry on our site. If you’ve ever ran or been in a league, you know that it’s hard to find a good league to join and even harder to find good members to add to your league. With League Crawler, you now have a tool to vet a league you want to join or a player that wants to join your league.

Here’s our vision. After every league game – you, the player will login to League Crawler and search for the player’s Gamertag or PSNID and submit feedback on your experience – good or bad, along with your overall rating of that player. In time, players will develop a track record and soon, the destructive players in leagues that drop their rosters and quit will not be able to find another league to play in. As a commissioner, we envision our site as your number one resource for deciding whether or not to allow a player to join. We want to be your number one resource to the point that you ask prospective members their LC rating before letting them join.

About Us

Don’t see the League, PSNID or Gamertag you want to submit feedback for? No problem! Once you join League Crawler you’ll be able to submit an entry for ANY league or player out there whether it’s yours or not by simply clicking the “Add A PSNID”, “Add A Gamertag” or “Add A League” links on the left side of the page.

We hope this free tool will be helpful to you as you search for a great league to join or player to add. Cheers and happy rating! To get started, register and click any of the links above to browse the directory!

Still lost?  Watch this quick video from our friends at Madden Bomber League as they explain how to use our site in a segment on their show, Commissioner’s Corner: