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IGNITE HOOPS (XBOX SERIES X/S) Season 2 has began ! *Forewarning this is a highly organized league reading some material is involved if’s all for the benefit of the league and your experience just a friendly heads up to save each other’s time -Respect is no.1 here in our community -Looking for active long term players looking to go multiple seasons - 10 min quarters (on ball D) - realistic sim style (running a mix of plays not doing the same thing offensively) - player progression system - HOF sliders (with slight tweaks to help with the sim style) - 5 games per week minimum -realistic custom draft class for 2021 class imported will do same for 2022 class **Unique currency system. Earn currency by playing games, writing articles, posting highlights , command system and more. Currency can be spent on a number of items to upgrade your team and players. Open teams and specific rules within discord so join if interested


We are a sim league meaning realistic style of gameplay . We run a mix of plays on offense and are 95% on ball defense excluding pick and roll situations. We have more detailed rule book in the discord goal is to be respectful, competitive w/ strategy.

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