XBOX1 Players Looking For A League


Use this forum to let commissioners know you're interested in joining a league. Please use the following format:

Link to your League Crawler Gamertag
Days and Times you can play
Teams you prefer to use

Who has a Xbox 1 active LG with open spots?

I do have a job but I can get my game in every day if it's needed My GT : xBleedBlueGroup me:  xBleedBlueOr reply on here 

League Lift Off is just starting and is looking for members!!

Sim-Rules       No Draft       9 minute quarters    20-sim clock    All-Madden       Slack is a communication app and is required       League advances 3 days a week           Looking for 32 members- 15 teams taken                                                                                                                                                                                                                Need your email and gamer tag to join


 Looking for a new league? Tired of sifting through leagues with crazy rules that just don't make sense, but at the same time don't want the monotonous/spam riddled matches found in ranked or MUT? Ready to get back to playing Madden for the only reason that makes sense? To play football?! Well TRUE FOOTBALL is where you want to be. Long time league player for the past 5 Maddens, having seen it all, I'm making the jump and starting my own league. I am creating the perfect environment to "just play" Madden NFL football.

Starting a new league xbox one (experienced owner) will give you all the information you need about my league, just message me 218-216-3904 for an opening or Shanewallawalla

Looking for a league

Looking for a league for Xbox any and all are welcome just drop info or text me 2182163904

Anyone have a spot in their league open?

I'm looking for a league to play in...i'm east coast so EST or CST would be best but I will play in any league. thanks



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