XBOX1 Players Looking For A League


Use this forum to let commissioners know you're interested in joining a league. Please use the following format:

Link to your League Crawler Gamertag
Days and Times you can play
Teams you prefer to use

Hudson Valley Madden League

Hudson Valley Madden League    New league with 3 season of Madden 17 under their belts. League is looking for a few good men to fill out our roster and bring some serious competition to the League. Right now we are using a facebook group page to communicate and are looking to set up a Daddysleague webpage as well.League Rules

KTC Football looking for 5 Owners

If you are looking for a SIM league without MUT player nonsense please contact us.

Currently we are in week 3.

Ravens (we allow Flaccos contract to be wiped out)


We use Discord for chat.

Contact Knuckles
(585) 303-3404 please provide GT

MLDF XBox One League Looking for three reliable owners

We're going on our seventh season and have developed a strong group of reliable, good guys. We run our schedule in sync with the real NFL schedule - meaning we play one game per week, during the real NFL season and our in-game week's correspond to the real NFL schedule. So in other words, we play Week 1 games during week 1, week 2 games during week 2, etc.

The technical details:
Difficulty: All- Pro
Quarter Length: 8 minutes, unaccelerated

XBoxOne Madden 18 league looking for 3 new members!

The MLDF is rearing up for it's 2017(seventh!) season in the upcoming Madden 2018 and we're in need of three reliable and talented players to fill out our league!Available Teams: 
New York Jets 
Chicago Bears 

USFC - Open Teams

[XB1] 48 Hr Money League (Free To Join) S2 W3

Hey guys, Thanks for taking the time to hear about our Connected Franchise. The Franchise is currently in Week 3 of Season 2 and looking for new, active users that want to be a part of a competive but also enjoyable franchise that puts your interest first. The goal for the franchise to be stable and efficient so that you, the user, can have as much enjoyment as possible.

Top Rated X1 league SSFL needs 1 player!

Please email at and tell me you want in this league.  We are one of the top rated leagues out there. Check us out below. chat and great competition!

Road To Lombardi (R2L) - *A Semi-Sim League*

Looking for players to join our Madden 17 XB1 league, Road To Lombardi! This is a brand new league and teams are filling fast. Our league is built around core owners with over 40 years of combined experience. We are all 18+ and some of us have PhDs and serve active duty military. We are very mature even keel commisoners.  Advance is every 72 hours. We are a "Semi-Sim" league which means we strive for realistic stats and play but we are not going to alter game speed or micromangae your play to achieve those means. We no not allow any lobby ball and have a good set of league rules.


Looking for active and dedicated owners seeking a different draft/league experience. The league is a month in the making and is a start up league for '18 inactives have a limit before replaced.

Need Some New Owners for KTC Football

If you are looking for a league KTC Football has some openings.

In the order we needs them filled

Jets (will have enormous cap and first pick in draft)

We are in season 1 week 14. Teams are 95% stock. 

What we look for in an owner.



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