XBOX1 Players Looking For A League


Use this forum to let commissioners know you're interested in joining a league. Please use the following format:

Link to your League Crawler Gamertag
Days and Times you can play
Teams you prefer to use

Carmel League looking for active players

Starting a league called Carmel League, looking for active members. I will be creating a groupchat using groupme, so text me @317-833-8638 if anyone is interested in joining. Thanks

MBL/GRID League Review - 1 star

The MBL/GRID might have the best content in any Madden League, but they have bigger issues once you start coming off as a strong user that knows how to win. They have a call up list in the "Grid" so you have to grind to get into the MBL. They expect you to donate your hard work money to help them run their own league, which is fine but you don't complain about costs and ask for money from your members.

Experienced XB1 Player Looking For League


I'm currently looking for a new league.

Here are a few things I'm looking for:

-Extensive Sim Gameplay
-No switch on defense rule
-Advancing 3-4 times a week
-Mostly adult league. Very tiresome of the trolling and constant ****-talking in most other leagues. Looking to enjoy my next league. 

If you have something that is like this or close to this, please let me know!

Thank you,

Looking for a league to join

Gamertag: Danny FootballlI am looking for an xbox 1 madden league that advances every 3-days or 72-hours. I am intersted in all teams and don't care about the team's record or point in season. I have played in many leagues and have had great experiences in the past. I have yet to join a league for Madden 18 because I don't have the time to play every 48-hours or be involved with podcasts or twitter accounts. However, I am all for league communication apps like groupme and discord. If you're looking for an adult owner message me, thank you. 


whatsup I have a league bout to start  it is seven minute quarters fantasy draft 32 teams  need to fill a few spots...  this league is going to be wild there is going to be cash prizes and also actual jerseys given out... you can contact me on twitter @matt_gannon_ or follow the league account @litassfranchise or you can text me 732-703-8428 please let me know trying to fill a few more spots this league going to be insane 

Prestige Worldwide XB1 SIM League - First season

A league established by guys who have been playing together for up to 10 years.14-16 guys currently interested in all adds, as well as a merger or acquisition of smaller groups. looking to fill out 32 teams.SIM League, 48 hr advances.Rules can be found at


  • Hello all
  • We are starting a new league after our successful 5 seasons
  • We are looking to recruit a few new active members 24 hour advance every night at Midnight eastern Messsage me for rules Winner will receive 25$ pre paid visa GT: xJunior Chutchx

GBE Xbox League

Xbox 1 CFM league 
Free entry Super Bowl winner gets $25 
Our website. 24 hours advance League
Very active lg we hungry for more Great Users. Been hosting madden leagues for years .Very competitive league we don't need bums or rage quitters 
Year 2 week 10
27/32 users 
Must be active dm me on here or BEST WAY TO HMU msg me on Xbox 
Xbox gamertag -king black Mac

XB1 Sim CFM recruiting 3 members

The American Simball League is looking for there replacements for the Jaguars, Buccaneers and Patriots to get back to the full 32, after the two former users were called up to NS and one left due to time constraints. We are currently in week 8 of year 1. Please post here or send me a message with your groupme info if interested. The ASL is a development league to develop sim players for it's parent league, National Simball League. We are super active on GroupMe and advance every MWF at 10est.

New Madden 18 League- Need 26 Players

Looking for players wanting to join a Madden 18 league  draft is sunday septmeber 24 at 8:30. All pro 9 minutes quarter sim league. email if you want to join



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