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League of Champions In Need of Bengals User!


We're currently in Week 2 of Season 6! As hard as it is to keep a league going, come join a league thats been running with loyal users since Madden 25 & a few new users who all share a passion for the game! Currently filled with 32 users, but looking to replace a member on leave right now. Team details as well as rules will be down below via daddyleagues link. We use groupme as a main source of communication. If interested please respond.

[Xbox One] Active, long term league looking for active, long term members!


The Revival is a 48 hr sim league with a very competitve base of users. Our group chat is through groupme so an account on there is the only requirement, other than playing your game every 2 days. If you like the rules below and are interested in joining please leave a response. If you include your groupme info ill add you right away, first come first serve. Currently have two open spots, bucs and giants(blues).

Sndr (XB1) looking for relaxed sim members


Hello Everyone! SNDR (XB1) is looking fill up after losing some members. We still got a nice core of friendly games ready to play some games. This is a relaxed sim style league so nothing strict. We use groupme and we look forward to those willing to join us. We're in year 3 week 14. Contact me here or on Xbox GT: SimplyMouse Open teams are: Panthers Texans Bears Lions Titans Ravens Giants Colts Broncos Rams Bengals Falcons Chargers

Starting up a new madden league sim rules advance every 48 hours


Just tired of the lobby playing bs that's going on in these leageus I want a realtic style of play. Also looking for cool people to play madden with and enjoy playing the game we all love 

48 HR Advance - Non Sim - $50 prize for best NEW player


Looking for  some players to pick up an AFC teamTexans, Colts, Dolphins, Broncos, JetsLeague Site:Http:// can check out rules and available rosters there. We are in week 14 of 2019, pick up a squad before the draft. Email ur PSN ID to - maddenleagueofsavages@gmail.comWe coordinate games through GroupMe, you will need the app to join.   

Looking for a Seahawks user


we currently have the Seahawks open in my league. We are heading to season 4 tonight. Dm me on twitter @legit_few or on Xbox xxqmelvinxx



Hello, I'm one of the commissioners from Hypothetical League and we are looking for users. We are a new league, but we have very experienced people behind it. We operate on Standard Sim rules, 6min quarters, no accel clock, and all trades need approval (but we are very good with trades, lenient). We plan on this league being around for a while, and we want a core group of guys to be apart of that. We use a free app called "Groupme" that we use to communicate trades and schedule games, and just talk in general.

MU Madden League - Xbox 1 - 3 Teams Open Week 7 Year 1


Group Me required, Daddy Leagues found here We advance every 48 hours, we have 3 teams open.  Very active league, lots of trading and smack talk.  Be sure to read the rules on Daddy Leagues and message me if you want to join.Fun league and we are still in year 1 and still not at trade deadline yet.

AGS__ recruiting


Just a group of guys we have been together for 4 or 5 maddens now have a solid group of 25 users but it been tough finding those last 7 dudes right now we just restarted the league an we have jets Greenbay an Atlanta open we are in week 4 currently just advance if anyone is interested please text me I'm the commish 505-944-5381



BMSL has a few open spots and is looking to add to the competion with solid sim users (ONLY) and continue its success in the madden cummunity.



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