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[XB1] EOTP Madden Looking for an Active Player


Hey everybody. EOTP Madden is looking for an active sim player to take over the LA Rams in our league. We're currently in season 4 of our franchise and the Rams are still in contention. You can check out our DaddyLeagues at to get a look at our league and check out the Rams' roster. We've been running in one form or another since Madden '10 and are planning to continue playing for much of the time until Madden 18 is released.

MSFL is now on LeagueCrawler Long Time league Aug-Aug


Wanna avoid start-ups & find a place that's gonna last? We are the place for you. Play all year long Aug-Aug so your hard work won't go to waste. Crowned our SB XIII champion in league history this week so perfect time at a fresh start. Recognized as one of the elite leagues for DADDYLEAGUES last year M16. Tons of content, prizes, tourneys, fantasy football, social media presence & more for our members all year long.

UMFL No Switch League


Hey guys, we are a no-switch, sim style league in week 3 of season 1. UMFL is a group of dedicated Madden gamers who want to have the best football experience. We wanted to break off from our previous league to create a place that had a "we" mentality. We hope that prospective owners want the same thing!

•Here is a look at our rules, please take time to look them over and let us know if this league interests you. You may PM me here or leave a comment if you're interested! We use Discord for our chat program.



OBA Nation is looking for 4 mature reall football coaches to be part of league that has tradition and has been around since 2009. Please hit me up ASAP possiabe. We our a mature 21 and up league with an amazing staff that takes true pride in what we build.
Learn more about us at OBANATIONFOOTBALL.COM
Contact me on XBOX LIVE : PigSkinRodeo


Legends Premier League - Teams now open


Legends Premier League Is looking for a few new owners to fill a few openings we currently have. We have a strong core of users and have been playing together since Madden 16. Currently in year 3.Teams:Browns, Raiders, Dolphins, Vikings, SteelersLooking for guys interested in a long term league. The winner of the Superbowl each season receives and NFL jersey of choice as a prize.  Message me, XBL: iLLmaculate 0ne

[PS4] Madden 17 CFM


Madden Rejectz!   Season 2   Week 5   48 Hour Advance   Available:   Dallas Cowboys-->   Detroit Lions-->   Jacksonville Jaguars-->   New York Jets-->

Big BoyZ League


long running league looking for a few active players few rules, not really sim, not really free style, we have strong leadership in place. me here gt thorodinson6143must have groupme season 3 week 6

EOTP Draft League


EOTP's fantasy draft league is looking for three players to fill the league.We're currently in Week 3 of season 1. Full rules can be seen here.We use GroupMe for communication and will have DaddyLeagues up soon.Joining the draft league and proving you are a dedicated and sim player will automatically add you to the waitlist for our other league (if you wish).Send a message to Warmaster91 on Xbox Live if you are interested.


We are looking for a few teams, hit me up for details. We are in year 3/4 week 9. Sim league no childish drama or anything like that. We like to have fun and play madden. My PSN is bowswerdestroyer1 make sure if  you contact me on there you tell me who you are and we can take the rest from there. 

XCFL is Looking for a Partner


The XCFL is currently looking to expand our development league and merge with another existing league. We currently have a strong and top ranked league (December League Crawler League of the Month) and wish to have our secondary league the XCFL Redzone grow and become stronger as well. The idea of the second league is to be both the sister league of the XCFL and our training grounds to find solid members who fit what the XCFL is looking for in a long term member.



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