September 2016 League of the Month - Synergy!

September 2016 League of the Month - Synergy!
Happy Madden Season everyone!  We skipped League of the Month for August, paid tribute to our tournament winners in July which means, it's time to feature a great league for September!  I've gotten to know these guys a little bit over the past few months and I have to say, they seem like a really great group of guys.  I had a chance to talk to their commissioner, Phil Tracy (props for having two first names Phil) about what is driving him and his league to stand out in the CFM community so much in such a short time.  His answers are below but before you get there I need to let you know how helpful his right hand man has been to me at League Crawler in the past few weeks.  As we've grown here at League Crawler there have been some glaring issues that I've been unable or unwilling to fix that he's been kind enough to point out and help me get that much needed feedback to help in the process of enhancing and de-bugging the site.

Tribute Tourney - Leagues of the Month

Last month League Crawler held its second annual Tribute Tournament and it was a huge success.  A little history before I get into the details.  The idea for this tournament first came last year when we pulled 32 players on PS4, 2 players from 16 leagues and pitted them against each other in a semi-sim tournament for bragging rights.  Very cool stuff and SGO's founder won it all!  Since then, I heard over and over from our community that another tournament was needed but that we couldn't leave the XBOX kiddos out in the cold again.  So, this year we held the tournament but on both systems.  That's right, we had two brackets, pulling 56 players from 28 leagues!  Talk about a community event!  For the record, we had representatives from:

PS4 Bracket

Blind Side, 220 Reloaded, DCA, Madden Nation, Sim Association, Power Sweep, NSFL, Synergy, Madn, Madden Ballers Club, TS4L, PX1, NEFL, MXFL, Rivals and SML.

XBOX1 Bracket

XCFL Red Zone, Gridiron, EOTP, Red Zone, Madden Scrubs, NSL, Madden Bomber League, Madden Godz, XCFL, SFL and Madden Elite

May 2016 League of the Month - PX1 Sports!

May 2016 League of the Month - PX1 Sports!

After a long hiatus from League of the Month, I've decided there's simply too much awesome stuff going on and a lot of guys and league that need recognition for the awesome stuff they are doing in the Sports Gaming community.  With that said, it's my pleasure to highlight PX1 Sports as League Crawler's League of the Month for May 2016!  Granted, I haven't known these guys very long, but that's one of the coolest things about League Crawler - discovering and sharing what I'm finding out there in the community.  There are tons of great leagues doing really cool stuff.  

League of the Year - Madden Bomber League!!

League of the Year - Madden Bomber League

Today is a special day for League Crawler!  For the first time ever, we are proud to take a few moments out to recognize a League of the Year from our community.  League Crawler is all about providing a place for like minded players and commissioners to find one another, promote their leagues, recruit and collaborate.  Along the way we've run into some really great people and have been impressed with what kind of quality is out there in the Madden community.  See, it's easy to start a league, get friends, give it a name, purchase a daddyleagues subscription.  What isn't easy is being so dedicated to a craft that people buy in.  Commit.  Be dedicated.  Be loyal.  Most leagues fail almost overnight.  For you the aspiring league player, it can be difficult to know which league to invest your time in.  That sentiment is precisely why League Crawler exists.  

The mission of League Crawler - Connecting the Best People with the Best Leagues - is the reason we're finally ready and very, very proud to name a League of the Year!

MADDEN BOMBER LEAGUE on XBOX1 - League Crawler League of the Year 2016

League of the Month - May 2015 - ps4leagues.com

League Crawler League of the Month May 2015

Hey there League Crawlers - it's time to announce the League Crawler May 2015 League of the Month!  As you may already know, even if it might be hard to tell by the activity on our site, League Crawler isn't just about Madden leagues.  We are a hub for any league out there - Madden, MLB The Show, NBA Live, NHL, etc.  So, with baseball season in full swing and MLB The Show getting some high marks from what I can tell, I wanted to feature a MLB League that seems to be doing a good job.  MLB The Show leagues are pretty new and hard to guage at this point so I started looking through our leagues and found ps4leagues.com and dug into how they are doing and would like to lend my recommendation to them if you're looking for a baseball league to join.  

April 2015 - League of the Month - OFLNOW.com

OFLNOW.com - League Crawler - League of the Month - April 2015 - Madden 15 - PS4

Hey guys - it's already April and summer is almost here! In these months it can be hard to find a Madden league that's still active and playing games. That said, it's my pleasure to introduce you to OFLNOW.com. I have had some time to get to know the leader of this site and it really seems like they are doing a lot right there. Spoiler Alert if you don't know anything about these guys, they are not a SIM league, nor are they free to play. They are a pay to play and cash reward site that is very busy with multiple leagues and tournaments. I I have personally only been involved in SIM leagues but I think it's interesting how diverse the Madden community is and it is cool that players of all types can find leagues to play in. I encourage everyone that is looking for a league to check these guys out and see what they have to offer. In the article, OFLNOW's commissioner mentions a player in his league that was thinking about quitting because he wasn't competitive vs. the tough competition in the league. He then talks about how that player reached out and helped the other guy learn some more advanced concepts and plays in the game that made him better.

March 2015 - League of the Month - NEFL

NEFL - League Crawler - League of the Month - March 2015 - Madden NFL 15

After a few months off due to work, League Crawler is back with another League of the Month! If you're looking for a great PS4 league to join, either for Madden 15 or beyond, give these guys a look. They make excellent use of their user forum, have been around for 10 seasons - did you catch that? TEN SEASONS. They also make great use of twitter for league communication with _NEFL monikers for all their teams. They even have draft news on a Todd McShay NEFL twitter handle. Their innovative use of Twitter to keep their members engaged is pretty cool. I've followed many of their handles for a while now and even though I'm not in theor league, I find all their activity interesting. They are currently in the off-season of year 10 and still going strong which is no easy feat. I recommend them and wish the guys at NEFL the best going forward. I asked commissioner DJazzyJefff23 to comment on some league related things. Here's what he had to say: 1. How long have you been a Madden player?

League of the Month - October 2014 - SGO

League Crawler League of the Month October 2014 Madden 15 PS4

When League Crawler first launched back in March 2014, we had a lot of leagues check us out and come on board pretty quickly. SGO was one of the first and was actually featured in our League of the Week feature, back when I though that was viable - grin. Since re-launching, it seemed we could do a better job of featuring leagues the right way by doing a League of the Month feature and really spend time looking for the best of the best out there and featuring them. With that, I'm proud to feature SGO as October's League of the Month! If you take some time to get to know SGO, you'll actually find we could name this feature, Leagues of the Month because SGO is more of a network of great leagues instead of just one league. In the Madden league I used to run, some of the guys would occasionally suggest I create another league to run with it - which was crazy because of how much work it is to get guys to fill one league and run it every day. That said, check out what SGO is doing - they have a network of several leagues from several games - Madden, NBA2K and MLB The Show - all running under the same umbrella and leadership.

League of the Month - September 2014 - MOF

League Crawler League of the Month September 2014 Madden 15 PS4

Here at League Crawler, we are dedicated to providing gamers the ability to rate each other and any league they are currently or ever been a part of. Our goal is to help each Madde, NBA2K, MLB The Show, etc player have the ability to have their voice heard and then use the collection of opinions and ratings to help leagues and gamers make better decisions who they choose to spend their time playing with. That said, we at League Crawler are always searching through our roster of leagues for the best of the best and put a well deserved spotlight on them for why they are so great. For our first League of the Month, we looked closely at over 31 league profiles on League Crawler and chose the one that had the most votes, an overall 9.5 score and plenty of good comments from League Crawler members. MOF Football on PS4 for Madden 15 is September 2014's League of the Month. One of the things that struck me about MOF was something that plenty of leagues want, some really strive for and only a few actually achieve - longevity.



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