Madden De-Sync Issues Linger

I wanted to pass this along to hopefully get as much visibility on this issue as possible since it crosses over into some of the stuff I've been talking about for years and did an article on recently - See, what the developers of CFM don't seem to understand (in my humble opinion) is that gamers don't play games inside a Q/A environment and only a few at a time. Gamers have other jobs and hobbies and they MAKE TIME to play these games and when something doesn't work, they don't always have the time to make up. When someone can't play, doesn't schedule a game, bails or flakes out, quits or worse, EA's servers flip out (like what's going on now with the de-sync stuff) it kills the players in a league. So, again, from me and others like me (i.e. pastapadre, as seen below) please give commissioners the ability to sim a game to a specific result and stop adding features like "see how many times a cpu game is played" that doesn't really matter to real leagues!




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