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This week on their bi-weekly Commissioner's podcast, Bomber and Lipp (commissioner and co-commissioner) of the wildly popular and fastest growing CFM in the Madden community featured League Crawler on their show!  Before we get into that, let me just remind everyone that Bomber League on XBOX1 is really setting a high bar for leagues that I keep hearing about from other members of the community.  They were our League of the Year for 2016 and it is easy to see why.  They do a great job of getting games in, finishing seasons in a timely manner, keeping their members engaged through an incredible amount of content and most importantly, they are consistent.  As a former commissioner of a Madden league for several years, I can tell you, it can be difficult to be consistent.  If you're a commissioner, you know the work and time it takes to run a league.  That's why I created League Crawler and why it means so much to have one of, if not the most respected league out there right now showing viewers the ropes on what we're all about.  Check it out - our segment is at the end. 

Tribute Tourney - Leagues of the Month

Last month League Crawler held its second annual Tribute Tournament and it was a huge success.  A little history before I get into the details.  The idea for this tournament first came last year when we pulled 32 players on PS4, 2 players from 16 leagues and pitted them against each other in a semi-sim tournament for bragging rights.  Very cool stuff and SGO's founder won it all!  Since then, I heard over and over from our community that another tournament was needed but that we couldn't leave the XBOX kiddos out in the cold again.  So, this year we held the tournament but on both systems.  That's right, we had two brackets, pulling 56 players from 28 leagues!  Talk about a community event!  For the record, we had representatives from:

PS4 Bracket

Blind Side, 220 Reloaded, DCA, Madden Nation, Sim Association, Power Sweep, NSFL, Synergy, Madn, Madden Ballers Club, TS4L, PX1, NEFL, MXFL, Rivals and SML.

XBOX1 Bracket

XCFL Red Zone, Gridiron, EOTP, Red Zone, Madden Scrubs, NSL, Madden Bomber League, Madden Godz, XCFL, SFL and Madden Elite

2016 League Crawler Tribute Tournament

2016 League Crawler Tribute Tournament

Hey everyone! League Crawler and SGO have teamed up to bring you the second ever Tribute Tournament pitting 32 players from 16 leagues against one another for bragging rights, a sweet SGO t-shirt and a $50 PSN or XBL gift card!


League Rules - Sliders

League of the Year - League Rules - Sliders
The very first thing that I chose to talk about is not exactly a rule but something that is a constant battle for commissioners that can be better spent building your league. This is the view of the MBL that have provided the best set up and atmosphere for our league. This articles topic is all about the sliders. The reason to why this is an important element to setting up your league is that this issue can cause a lot of leagues to crash before they even reach week eight. Although it may not be the most popular idea, it is something that is fair and can eliminate a lot of argument and issues when a league is in the most sensitive time, the beginning. The settings in which you play your game are clearly a huge part of the game.


League of the Year - Madden Bomber League!!

League of the Year - Madden Bomber League

Today is a special day for League Crawler!  For the first time ever, we are proud to take a few moments out to recognize a League of the Year from our community.  League Crawler is all about providing a place for like minded players and commissioners to find one another, promote their leagues, recruit and collaborate.  Along the way we've run into some really great people and have been impressed with what kind of quality is out there in the Madden community.  See, it's easy to start a league, get friends, give it a name, purchase a daddyleagues subscription.  What isn't easy is being so dedicated to a craft that people buy in.  Commit.  Be dedicated.  Be loyal.  Most leagues fail almost overnight.  For you the aspiring league player, it can be difficult to know which league to invest your time in.  That sentiment is precisely why League Crawler exists.  

The mission of League Crawler - Connecting the Best People with the Best Leagues - is the reason we're finally ready and very, very proud to name a League of the Year!

MADDEN BOMBER LEAGUE on XBOX1 - League Crawler League of the Year 2016

League Crawler is still looking for writers!

Hey guys - with Madden season upon us, now is the time League Crawler gets the busiest.  Our main purpose is to provide the sports gaming community (NBA2K, The Show, Madden) a place where you can join and voice your opinion about any player or league you've come in contact with - that hasn't changed.  We do however want to become a bit more than that - hence League of the Month,  our very successful Tribute Tournament, etc.   But - with League Crawler being a place mostly for career/franchise players to belong we'd like to feature more content related to what you're interested in.  We're not a news site - check out or for news - they are my goto sources.  We are more niche and need people that love playing in leagues and are innovative in their aporoach.   If you have some awesome things your league does and want to have it featured on League Crawler - we'd love to hear from you.  Also, if you're an aspiring writer and enjoy writing about CFM or NBA2K or whatever - we'd love to feature you as well.   So, if you're interested in writing for League Crawler in any capacity, let me know!


League Crawler Tribute Tournament Rules

Madden Settings

Console:  All games are played on the PS4 console

Difficulty: DEFAULT All Madden Gameplay - No Sliders

Game Type: Event Type: Exhibition

Quarter Length: 5 minutes - No accelerated Clock

Injuries and Fatigue: On

Broadcasting: Teams will decide which team will broadcast the game on Twitch ahead of time.

Before Kickoff: All owners will have a 2 minute pause allowance at the start of a game to set their depth chart and audibles.

Team Selection: Players will play entire tournament with the team they selected at the beginning.


Playbooks: Custom playbooks are allowed.


Why SGO is right about how to draft a QB in Madden

I wanted to share a link to this article for you guys in case you didn't see it this week. One of the sites featured in League Crawler's League of the Week, SGO posted some great tips on drafting in Madden. I know in the league I ran, some guys were awesome at drafting and others were mediocre at best (myself being in that group). A lot of guys used guides an stuff but I always chose to do it the legit way. Some of that's changed a bit with how the game has changed so I think more guys are having to fins players through scouting instead of through Google. As a quick guide, SGO offered some great advice for how to draft players. You can read the rest of the in-depth artice here.

Here's the order of how to spend scouting points on a QB in Madden:



League Crawler is looking for writers!

Hey guys, thanks for all the support over the past few months as we've seen League Crawler come to life. The greatest thing about the community we're creating is that it's user driven and represents you. Our goal at League Crawler is to provide information and news that is pertinent to you, the league gamer and commissioner. That said, there are only so many hours in the day, only so many things I can read and honestly, even if I could spend all my time on LC, I could only represent a fraction of the content people want.

So, what I am looking for are gamers and commissioners that have a passion for gaming, leagues, others and have the ability to give an opinion. I'm looking for people that want to write articles about everything from new games, features, reviews, great leagues, trends and anything else out there that people care about to write for our site. Maybe you just have some opinions you want to get off your chest, maybe you want to practice your writing chops, maybe you want to build a resume of journalism or editing and need a place to begin. League Crawler would love to talk to you and see where your skills fit!


Get The Most Out Of League Crawler

Good morning to everyone! I wanted to write up a quick article that will end up going out in the newsletter on October 1 when we select the October League of the Month to remind everyone of League Crawler's main goal. Here's what we're all about:

1. Rating and reviewing players - This is our number one focus and the reason League Crawler was created. For some reason, it's been hard to get buy-in on this subject but rest assured, our focus has not changed. What do I mean? Well, if you haven't already figured it out, League Crawler is not just a site where commissioners can go to advertise their league. We want to help leagues become better places by exposing the players that hurt leagues for what they are and elevate the status of guys that have good reputations for their merits. We cannot accomplish this task unless our members continually login to the site and add a rating and review for each player they've played. I know you have something to say about some of the guys you've played - here's your chance!




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