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More to come soon but if you're interested in helping League Crawler reach its potential and become the yelp of the sports gaming community, here are the areas we currently need help with:

Social Media - We need Social Media experts to be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc reaching out the community and connecting people and leagues.  

Content Creation - We have had a few personalities in the community write some articles for League Crawler and many of them have generated hundreds of views in a short amount of time.  We need more people that are passionate about gaming and leagues to share their opinions, write articles and reviews, talk about games, etc.  Maybe you want to write for Operation Sports or Sports Gamers Online at some point and want to fill your resume with some good content on a similar site.  Here is your chance!

League of the Month - I need someone to help find great leagues (not just the one you're in) and promote them as League of the Month.  This involves being aware of what they are doing, seeing their value in the community, how they are using new tools or ideas to make their league stand out, etc.  

Events Director - League Crawler is just finishing it's second annual inter-league tournament and it was a big success.  We had 50+ players spanning 20+ leagues from on PS4 and XBOX 1 (two brackets) competing for a $50 gift card each (sponsored by our goof friends at Sports Gamers Online)!  During the tournament, people were asking for more of them and more often.  We need help doing these tournaments as well as finding cool new ways to engage the community, build our brand and help leagues build their brands as well. 

Champion of Peer-to-Peer rating - After all this time I've spent with League Crawler the unfortunate truth is that I have not been able to communicate the value of rating players on League Crawler.  My vision is that every league after every game will encourage their members to go to League Crawler and submit a rating and comment for the player they played.  If we had even a fraction of the leagues out there doing that for a few months, imagine the type of reputation a player will have and how valuable that would be as a vetting tool for commissioners.  Like buying a car or an appliance, reading reviews before signing someone up for your league can be crucial!  But, if no one adds ratings and reviews, the tool on this site is useless.  I need someone to help communicate this message to the community.  

Web/Drupal Developer - If you have experience with Drupal and know enough to dig in behind the scenes and help us make things better around here from a coding/web development perspective, I'd love to hear from you.

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome!  Just so we're clear from the start, League Crawler is a free tool for the community started by me to simply make the sports gaming community better.  In the past 2+ years since we started, we've received one donation of $25 and about $25 in ad revenue.  Bottom line is, we're losing money but I firmly believe that if League Crawler sticks around long enough and can bring in some exciting and talented people to help, we can see this site reach its potential and eventually maybe even profit from it.  I'd be happy to give you more details if you're interested in helping but aren't sure about jumping into a job that isn't paying anything.

Final Note - As of right now, League Crawler has a pretty clearly defined vision of itself.  We're not looking to challenge daddyleagues, SGO or Operation Sports in what they do.  These are great sites that do a tremendous service to the community.  We are looking to take the next step in becoming a tool to connect people.  There is more than enough work in that arena to keep us busy.  That said, your thoughts and ideas are always welcome. 

If you're interested in helping, let me know!


@leaguecrawler on Twitter



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