Spring 2017 Tribute Tournament

Spring 2017 Tribute Tournament - Sponsored by SGO, Gamer Gloves and Uncle D's Buffalo Sauce

That's right folks!  Get ready because League Crawler will be hosting it's FOURTH TRIBUTE TOURNAMENT!  We are still working on all the details but wanted to get this information into your hands as soon as possible!  Here are the details so far:



Madden 17 Tribute Tournament Winners!!

Madden 17 Tribute Tournament Winners!!

Greetings from League Crawler and if you're reading this, chances are you played in our Tribute Tournament!  If you did or your league was represented, I first want to say thanks for playing and I hope everyone had a great time.  The idea is simple - get leagues to pick 2 players from their league 2 represent them, randomly place them in a bracket and let them duke it out for a LC T Shirt and some money!  Big thanks to the donations that came in this year to make an event like this possible - you can find a list of our contributing members here - - with the lastest donation from Synergy League Recruiter going to pay for the prizes in this tournament.  Big thanks to him as well for tweeting out games in Twitter when I was unavailable.  This is the thirs tournament we've done and was very successful with only a few ruffled feathers.  Thanks again for playing and for those of you that may have had to be the bigger man, thanks for not causing a scene.  Anyway, on to the results!


League Crawler Featured on Commissioners Corner!

League Crawler MBL Madden Bomber League Commissioner NFL

This week on their bi-weekly Commissioner's podcast, Bomber and Lipp (commissioner and co-commissioner) of the wildly popular and fastest growing CFM in the Madden community featured League Crawler on their show!  Before we get into that, let me just remind everyone that Bomber League on XBOX1 is really setting a high bar for leagues that I keep hearing about from other members of the community.  They were our League of the Year for 2016 and it is easy to see why.  They do a great job of getting games in, finishing seasons in a timely manner, keeping their members engaged through an incredible amount of content and most importantly, they are consistent.  As a former commissioner of a Madden league for several years, I can tell you, it can be difficult to be consistent.  If you're a commissioner, you know the work and time it takes to run a league.  That's why I created League Crawler and why it means so much to have one of, if not the most respected league out there right now showing viewers the ropes on what we're all about.  Check it out - our segment is at the end. 


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