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SB Winner, Runner Up, Coach of the Year  MVP and Division Winners.  Rest of money would go towards maintenance of league such as daddyleague page, cost of video editing, website hosting, etc. Most money collected is paid out though, donations are always accepted it takes a lot to run a league… I am a legit payer. Super Bowl winner:  $160 ( with full league or 50% of league earnings)SB Loser: $50 Coach and MVP: $20 each Divisional leaders: $10 each  (AFC and NFC) $50 to the league maintenance   Totals: $320 All money will sit in paypal account until end of each season to be paid out to awards listed above.. Other prizes such as development traits, t-shirts, xbox cards, may be awarded in the season 

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Tyneshia White aka Superwoman0688

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