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About TBD2 $10 buy-in league with prizes awardedLeague will commence when league is atleast 30/32 teams if not full!  Please don’t keep commenting when league is going to start!48 advancement league (will advance early if all games are played)Must be extremely active, take a loss, and communicate! Advancement at 8am estAll games must be played! Even if there is a cpu must play cpu games.(hopefully there are no cpu)All-Pro with adjusted sliders7 min quartersNo accelerated clockSalary cap onTrades off for season 1 Twitch account required (streaming required)Team twitter account required See below for detailsPre-existing injuries offInjuries on but loweredCommunication through discord only! No exceptionsMust download twitch app for streaming. All games will be streamed.Custom playbooks are ok  TBD2 is going to be an elite league with the best, most active users! If you put in the time I am hoping, you will get a full CFM experience out of this league. This league will be very demanding far as making sure you play your games and maintain content of your team. I am looking to create a full CFM experience. Teams like Madden Bomber league and XCFL are teams that I look to and seem to have a well ran league. This league is not for the busy folks, or the ones who only want to play the game... This league is for those who want the full experience and do what it takes to be a real owner/coach. Do you have what it takes!?  Please read details below if any questions please ask!  Payouts (numbers are based on full league will be adjusted if not full) SB Winner, Runner Up, Coach of the Year  MVP and Division Winners.  Rest of money would go towards maintenance of league such as daddyleague page, cost of video editing, website hosting, etc. Most money collected is paid out though, donations are always accepted it takes a lot to run a league… I am a legit payer. Super Bowl winner:  $160 ( with full league or 50% of league earnings)SB Loser: $50 Coach and MVP: $20 each Divisional leaders: $10 each  (AFC and NFC) $50 to the league maintenance   Totals: $320 All money will sit in paypal account until end of each season to be paid out to awards listed above..Other prizes such as development traits, t-shirts, xbox cards, may be awarded in the season

Scheduling:Advances: Every 48 hours at 8 am EST.

*If contact has not been made within 24 hours of advance, the game may be simmed or the unresponsive owner put on autopilot.

*If you are going on vacation, or an emergency occurs please inform a commish, update; the opponent must play the CPU or be simmed.

*Any mutual scheduling conflicts, etc., will result in a simmed game, unless one user puts himself to autopilot.

*The Home team is responsible for posting the game including date and time in the Discord schedule section. This should be posted within 24 hours of advance. Failure to do so will be a warning the first time and player suspension every time thereafter.  LEAGUE REQUIREMENTS

Discord: the Discord App is a requirement for the league it is the main source of communication. Be sure to check daily for updates and remain active on it. This is one of the most important rules is to stay active and communicate. Failure to do so may result in removal from league. We are looking for very active members

Daddy Leagues: Daddy Leagues is the main statistical site for Madden. All members must join to be kept in contact with schedules. The use of this site is free, use to your full advantage. Keep track of records and schedules. Also shows playoff race and power ranking.

League Content: All members are required to write news articles, post activity updates, keep an active twitter account, and stay active by adding updated content often. Season previews, team news, game reports, transaction news, etc. Members are required to post no less than 4 news articles and promote 4 Tweets per season.

Twitter: Twitter accounts: must be in this format for an example: tbd2_(teamname) When posting please @TBD2_NetworkPassword: football101Use your real email account. If you decide to leave the team please delete your twitter account so new users can create a team account. Owners should also take the time to read, like and comment on other peoples articles and like and share other teams Tweets. Get involved and take notice of others contributions and not just your own.
Twitch: Members must have a Twitch account to stream games and submit for complaints. All games are required to be archived, this allows us to watch previous games and pull the video for league related shows or handle game play disputes. In settings (wrench icon), go to “Channel & Videos” and click the box next to “automatically archive my broadcasts.”

All games must be “Twitched”, including CPU games. The home team should twitch each game, but if they are unable to for some reason, the away team can twitch. Members that do not stream games will be subject to league penalties or removal. Game play:Strategically mix up your play calling.  Don’t run the same plays back to back. If you have a go to play that you like on third down that is ok.  4th down rule: go for it within reason. No going for 4th down if you are in your own backfield. Anything pass the 50 yard line is fair game.I am not here to micromanage how you play your game, if you want to user your MLB be my guest.  If you want to user DL ok. It is up to you. I just ask that you play the game realistic.DO NOT USE HURRY UP OFFENSE EXCESSIVLY!  If I hear that you are one of your star players will be suspended on your team for game. I didn’t say you can’t use it but use it sparingly, or if it is 4th quarter and your trying to mount a comeback with being down by one possession score.  No use of nano blitzing is authorize  Position swap:

  • FB > HB
  • TE, FB <> TE, FB
  • T, G, C <> T, G, C
  • DT, DE <> DT, DE
  • OLB, MLB <> OLB, MLB
  • CB, S <> CB, S

 Disconnected/Start overs:  Intentional Quit / Disconnect Is Forbidden (warning, then removal from league)   1st Half:

  • 7 or less score differential, full restart
  • 8-34 score differential, resume game from previous spot (score, possession, field position, time). Score differential must be reestablished
  • 35 or more score differential, game is final, play CPU or ask for forced win

3rd Quarter

  • 27 or less score differential, restart game from previous spot (score, possession, field position, time), but only play the 1st half. Score will be unseen, but implied, remember this when determining the winner, play CPU or ask for forced win
  • 28 or more score differential, game is final, play CPU or ask for forced win

4th Quarter:

  • 20 or less score differential, restart game from previous spot (score, possession, field position, time), but only play the 2nd quarter. Score will be unseen, but implied, remember this when determining the winner, play CPU or ask for forced win
  • 21 or more score differential, game is final, play CPU or ask for forced win

  Highlights Sending highlights are highly encourage! Posting your games to YouTube is highly encourage! I am looking for very active players who want more than just a regular league… I usually make highlight clips so if you want to be featured in top 10 plays of the week make sure you send me clips!  Do you have a talent?  I’m looking for highly motivated users that know how to do a little something something. I am always looking for people to help out with Media aspect of the league. Also people who aren’t afraid to step up and help with management of this league. Designing logos, magazine covers, or good with youtube and media files is always a plus! If you are willing to help let me know.. I always look out for those who help me! Not guaranteeing a payment but there will be incentive!  Final thoughts: Please be respectful to other users, we are all here to play the game and win the prize. If you cannot follow simple rules or keep up with what is ask of you then this league is not for you. If you have taken the time to read through the requirements then welcome to the team. I will do everything in my power to make sure that this league will be fun and long lasting. There is only one way I will know you read all this and that is you will answer one question… whatever I ask you your answer will be I’m ready to be the coach!  Thank you for taking the time to read this hope to see you on the field. I appreciate any feedback, concerns that may help this league grow.   


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