MBL/GRID League Review - 1 star

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MBL/GRID League Review - 1 star

The MBL/GRID might have the best content in any Madden League, but they have bigger issues once you start coming off as a strong user that knows how to win. They have a call up list in the "Grid" so you have to grind to get into the MBL. They expect you to donate your hard work money to help them run their own league, which is fine but you don't complain about costs and ask for money from your members. Before I got removed from the league, I have seen other members that were good and always won more games than they lost and they made it to the call up list and somehow they went from number 1 on the call up list and the next thing you know, they are removed from the league for some reason. They claimed I had a more attitude, but never came to me and talked to me about it. Other members, "the vets" or the high school clique always trolled members and they thought this was a normal and okay attitude, but I wasn't able to do the same thing. I got warnings for auto rolling out, but I have seen other MBL vets doing the same things. I had my friend get a warning for chewing the clock with no video evidence in the MBL, but the person that reported this was a long time vet and the long time members are basically untouchable. They seem to only call up weak users, so they can keep winning and don't want good users in the "Main league". I was number 1 the call up list and they claimed I abused the gameplay because I ran 63% of the time and the rules state that your run/pass or pass/run ratio can't be more then 75/25 either way. I was advised that I needed to have 100 more passing attempts then rushing attempts. I was following the rules, helping out the admins with admin duties and always did tweets and blogs. Yes, I told someone to take a knee and then I called timeouts. They suspended me for 2 games for my first offense with no warning. They will allow trolling in the chat on a daily basis and they WILL find a way to remove you from the league if you have good user skills.I quit 1 job on the game review team, because my wife has been telling me that I spend to much time with Madden and I need to cut back and this was the time I had to step down and clearly the extra stuff I was doing, doesn't matter when they don't like you. I will keep sharing this story on any site from August to August and I hope people start pay attention. They have rules, but will make rules or twist rules to get you in trouble. This is my side of the story and they will twist my story and say it's all my fault. I asked BOMBER, how running 63% of the time is breaking the rule and he and others never could give me the answer. The rules state you can run or pass more than 75%, so why punish me and say I am abusing gameplay. I abused gameplay because I know how to run? I hope if anyone reads this that they take my warning and don’t let this league suck your life away. Take Care!


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