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OLDMAN2DAY MADDEN FRANCHISE Season 1 Week 3 Looking owners for 0-2 Ravens Team is In Tact, 1 Injury Te-B.Watson out 4 Weeks,1-1 Dolphins Team in tact they have 2 injuries Hb-J.Ajayi out 7 weeks Rde-D.Jones out 36 Weeks,0-2 Jets Team in Tact and No Injuries,0-3 Seahawks Team in Tact, 2 Injuries Te-J.Graham out 5 Weeks,Wr-D.Baldwin out 6 Weeks ...If you have played in a franchise before you know season 1 there is a lot turnover so if you join and take a team you don't like you let it be known if another team becomes available I will check to see if you want to switch now if you destroy your team by trades and cuts that hurts your team you will be stuck....But our Franchise wants active guys because we will advance every 2 days, we text and use group-me for communication but you must have a cell to text,we are apart of Daddy Leagues Website that keeps stats and make the game more interactive,with having Daddy Leagues we have rules because the win at all cost and look at my stats guys make you have to so if you are interested click on link below read the rules they will look and sound harsh but after you play a season you will see its for the Franchise to stay strong....so after you read the Rules if you are still interested text me at (919) 798-4652 with your online name and the Team you want from the list above and we will see you on the Field OLDMAN2DAY FRANCHISE RULES: https://www.daddyleagues.com/lol2/rules


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