Fast Paced Sim League looking for active sim adult owners , 4 spots

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Fast Paced Sim League looking for active sim adult owners , 4 spots

Ok, it seems a few people still have no clue how important quick and clear communication is , when in a fast moving league. MBC is fast paced.-Not for people who can not communicate daily,and keep up with whats going on in league daily. 
-Not for people who do not want to set a time to play someone and stick with it. 
-Not for people who cant figure out their own schedules ahead of time.We have a very unique ( and proven ) way our communication is required. It works well , and it keeps the league moving at a good pace for everyone. If you want to be in a legit sim league that moves at a fast pace, and you can play winning or losing , while being an adult about it, then please read further.If you do not fit that mold, its fine, but this league is not the league for you and im trying to save you and our league time here by being upfront.We require communication BEFORE advances. We normally know 12-24 hours before the next advance, what time we will advance. We give that time + 12 hours after advance to get a time set up for the following week and have a set time posted .This ensures people are actively communicating ahead of time.People who wont communicate before advances faces sim losses for their inactivity,also loss of draft picks if it continues.This is for the benefit of the league to keep it moving well.I cant not be any more clear on this. This is fast paced.Most guys in this league are 30+ with families and jobs, so it can be done if you want it to be.We have 4 teams open, if interested after reading above then the ONLY way for you to get a shot to get in is first read ALL our rules - RULE PAGE . Do not do the next step until you do this first one.Make sure this league is a fit for you first, save yourself and us the time. Then if still interested you may send in an application - . Be sure to select MBC as the league you are applying for in this application.We have Broncos, Cards, Vikings, and Panthers open. All stock rosters still, you can view them on our league page.


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